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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY – CHANGE MANAGEMENTAnnotated Bibliography – Change ManagementStudent’s nameName of the Institute
ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY – CHANGE MANAGEMENTAnnotated Bibliography – Change ManagementBelias, D., & Koustelios, A. (2014). The impact of leadership and change management strategyon organizational culture.European Scientific Journal, ESJ,10(7).AnnotationIn this article, authors discussed the role of leaders towards any change within theorganization. Authors argued that change should always be practiced in a top down approach. Itis important that leaders of the organization should take charge and full responsibility of thechange. In an organizational setting, the employees would see the organization from the eyes oftheir managers and leaders. It means that any organization is as good for employees as theirmanagers and leaders. Therefore, it is important that leaders must fully support the change withinthe organization. This article is an interesting read as authors clearly demonstrated the role ofleaders and managers for any organizational change. In the article, authors also provides exampleof various companies that were able to implement change successfully because of dedicatedinvolvement of their leaders. Authors discussed the case study of Apple Inc. and highlighted thatSteve Jobs has played an instrumental role to bring the strategic changes in the organization. It isimportant that leaders must interact with employees at different levels to take them intoconfidence while implementing any change. The trust and support of employees helps leaders toimplement change in a swift manner.Cummings, S., Bridgman, T., & Brown, K. G. (2016). Unfreezing change as three steps:Rethinking Kurt Lewin’s legacy for change management.human relations,69(1), 33-60.AnnotationIn this article, authors discussed the change management model of Kurt Lewin. Authorsargued that Lewin’s change management model is so simple in nature. Still, it is used widely.
ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY – CHANGE MANAGEMENTThe simplicity of this change management model actually adds to the applicability of the model.The organization of different sizes and organizations across different industry can use theLewin’s change management model. In this article, authors highlighted that unfreeze can be themost important stage of Lewin model and it is important that organizations should spendmaximum time in the unfreeze stage. The unfreeze stage is not only about changing the existingsystem and procedures. It is also about changing existing people beliefs and attitude. The peoplein the organization would be able to support the change only when they understand the realmeaning of new values. Therefore, it is pretty much important for them to change their existingvalues and beliefs. Authors used extensive literature review to complete the research and thereferences to various sources from the literature adds to the strength of this article. This articlewould definitely be useful for organizations that want to have effective change management withLewin’s change management model,Hasan, M. M., Hossain, M., & Habib, A. (2015). Corporate life cycle and cost of equitycapital.Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics,11(1), 46-60.AnnotationIn this article, authors discusses the concept of change management in the corporatelifecycle. Authors discussed various stages of lifecycle like inception, growth stage, maturity anddecline. It is important that organizations should be willing for change across each of thiscorporate lifecycle stages.It is important for organizations to assess the opportunities that comeswith the growth phase and then take the calculated risk to grab those opportunities. Anyorganization would be able make growth stage advantageous only when it has a strategicdirection in place and this strategic plan would definitely demand a change in the organization.Authors highlighted that growth stage could be a good platform for organizations as growth stage
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