Answer 1. I always enjoy working with a team. In genera


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Answer 1. I always enjoy working with a team. In general, a team can be considered to be the fundamental unit of work in any organization (Samson & Daft, 2003). In a team there are different opinions and perspectives presented regarding a single problem. This makes it easier to analyze the problem in hand. Though, difference in opinions often leads to conflict, however when I present a rationale post thorough research it is generally accepted by all. Answer 2. A good team must essentially have a degree of autonomy. Practicing self managementcan enhance the level of motivation amongst the team members. Secondly, the team members must be interdependent. Thirdly, with the help of ample education in technical and team skills, the members need to develop an accommodating framework for themselves. Next, a good team- is one where all members practice and uphold their team spirit. This characteristic facilitates work load sharing, communication and potency. Finally, a good team is heterogeneous and small(Sundstrom et al., 1990) so that ideas shared by the members can be varied and there is participation of all members. Answer 3. The performance of a team depends on the social and task inputs by its members (Forsyth, 1983). As per the olden concepts, theorists have considered conflict to be detrimental for team performance (Brown, 1983; Hackman & Morris, 1975; Pondy, 1967; Wall & Callister, 1995). Such theorists opined that conflict leads to tension and shifts the focus from the actual goals and this deteriorates the team performance. However, low level conflict helps in revealing inefficiencies, reveals creativity amongst the team members as they try to apply different perspectives and means to resolve issues (Deutsch, 1973; Coser, 1956; Walton, 1969).

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