Answer 1. It is given that the organization requires co

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Answer 1It is given that the organization requires controlling its costs, but that also requires access to alarge number of quality and quantity labor. For this purpose, the management of the organizationneeds to consider geographic locations which have strong educational systems such assecondary, primary, and technical colleges and schools and lower expenses (Whitebook, 2014).Some important examples of such type of geographic locations are Midwestern states likeMinnesota and Iowa. Both these locations are known for the skilled and well-educatedworkforces.Answer 2Since there is a high requirement to enforce a new type of staff members with more skills andhigh knowledge, strong leadership skills require supporting the new strategic focus of the planton creating more innovative and stylish products. A respected and trusted internal staff memberwho knows the business can develop an efficient team would seem to be the most effective andright candidate for the job of plant manager.Answer 3Both the person/organization or person/job match is necessary for the plant to ensure thatefficient staffing decisions are made. With the help of job match approach plant manager able toestablish a good fit between KSAO's of individual and key requirements of a job. Therefore, forthe success of the person, it is also necessary that the capabilities and skills of the employee meetwith the organization culture. In the absence of good organization fit, an individual or job may1
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