Answer 1. Mann Act. Answer 2. J. P. Morgan. Answer 3 Wi

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Answer 1Mann ActAnswer 2 J. P. MorganAnswer 3William Jennings BryanAnswer 4Elkins Act (1903)Answer 5 Hepburn ActAnswer 6 Frederick W. TaylorAnswer 7 Adamson ActAnswer 8 FalseAnswer 9 John D. Rockefeller, JrAnswer 10 Sherman Antitrust ActAnswer11 Eugene V. DebsAnswer 12 voting on election’s day in Rochester, New YorkAnswer 13 the destruction of the USS MaineAnswer 14 the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific OceanAnswer15 Enrique Dupuy de LomeAnswer16 Dollar DiplomacyAnswer 17 Theodore RooseveltAnswer 18 Cuba
Answer 19 allow the United States to do business in ChinaAnswer 20 American isolationismAnswer 21 Arthur ZimmermanAnswer 22 the FBI (Federal Bureau of InvestigationAnswer 23 use of poison gasAnswer 24 Great Britain, France, and RussiaAnswer 25 the existence of treaties between the United States, Great Britain, and GermanyAnswer 26 The United States supported the Allied PowersAnswer 27 First Amendment.Answer 28 The government regulated industry through the work of the War Industries Board.Answer 29 women winning the right to voteAnswer 30 Woodrow WilsonAnswer 31 militarismAnswer 32 buy "Liberty" bonds to help finance the warAnswer 33 It stated that the U.S. would intervene in Latin America to protect its interestsAnswer 34 reduce immigration from United States to European countriesAnswer 35 resulted in the Palmer raidsAnswer 36 installment buying
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