Change Management and Organizational Change Management


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Answer: 1Program Change management: this change management control changes to ongoing project to ensure the overall projectplanning and program are met to objective. The change program is control over the culture of organization, they are just provide order tochange the project. The program change is usually perform by the lead of project or projectmanager in order to change control board. The aim of change is to balance need of projectand need to control budget. The influence of change is done in order to manage or reduce costof project, risk and schedule of project, the changes are on priority based. Organizational Change Management:The objective of organization change management is concern about the culture of working.This is often concern with the employee side change management. Organizational Change Management: this kind of change the management process change interms of merger and acquisitions, process change and culture evaluation. This change is onlyfor the people side who are working in organization, the aim of this change is socializepeople to reduce the resistance and achieve acceptance. This kind of program is perform bythe human resource department or it can be perform by the executive management function.Answer: 3 There are many legislative are impact on the organization development and change whichstates as labour law, environment law, competition act etc. but due to consider the impact oforganization development, the environment law impact to several industrial organization.Polluted air, polluted water and toxic chemical influence to environment and need to controlby organization which is threat for organization development. Answer: 4.1 The brainstorming is an informal approach to solve problem with group thinking orindividual thinking. This technique encourage people to come together and share ideas tosolve problem. Usually brainstorming approach apply with group discussion or individual

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