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Answer: 1 Showtime Arabic is the leading pay TV network in area of Middle East and North Africa. The new visionof Showtime Arabic was participate with new channels like showcinema, , Showmovies, Showsports andShowseries also launched new showsports channel which replaced the previous sports channel. ShowtimeArabic aimed to provide Showtime with a leap in subscriber numbers just before the soccer season started.Answer: 2(A) Swot AnalysisStrengthThe Showtime Arabic is the largest pay television company in Arab world. The largest network in Arab world as well as North Africa. WeaknessThe company have large network and lots ofviewer still there are not provide clear picture to viewer OpportunitiesAs per new concept and new channel launch, the Showtime have junk crowd who love to watch Soccer game and they plannedto launch three new channel replace by old channel. They have great opportunity to collect numbers of viewer just before popular soccer game. ThreatsThe Showtime face that if anything new development perform then competitors doing same thing and provide to viewer after one week as Showtime launch. Answer: 2(B)The organization have to change the broadcast system and improve the network system which result is toclear picture and video can watch by viewer. (Avineri, E 2007) To develop organization and expandbusiness the Showtime need to change process planning and system management. The organizationstructure and culture also need to change to survive in market and to be ahead in market. The organizationculture need to change. Answer: 2(C)The Showtime want to launch new channel in just before English premier league which provide bulksubscription of Showtime channel. The organization also want to expand themselves from small scalebusiness to high scale business. They need to survive and be ahead from competitor of leading market inArabic states and North Africa.1 | P a g e

Answer: 2(D)The change need to be done by restructure by reducing management team such a way that selected personhave deal with authority to change. Also build new management team, developed and maintain culturalmanagement and reduce gap between employees and top management so that employee can put theythough. It is beneficial for organization if using McKinsey theory to achieve goal and maintain strength. Answer: 3 Agreed Objective:To develop organization in leading for the network telecasting world. To use change management technique for increasing numbers of subscriber before the soccer gamesstarted. To added new entertainment channel in Arabic market to attract views and also survive in a world oftelevision entertainment. Answer: 4 (A)There are various tools available for change management technique. The change management systemdevelop with flowcharts, it also prepare with data collection, force filed analysis, culture mapping andculture management and develop project plan. The culture management technique apply to manageexpected resistance and achieve work place cultural. With development of culture orient environment, itincrease project strength and better outcome by the influencing behaviour toward the employees by keepvalue of working spirit. The ADKAR change management concept applicable for this case. The projectmanager need to provide awareness though communication about organization particular strategy need tochange. It also require to desire for the change management with the goal of sponsorship and resistancemanagement. For change management need knowledge activity which need to outcome from training andcoaching. It is require trading, practice and time to be able about the change. Till the end of project need tostuck up with change which require reinforcement for change. Answer: 4 (B)Awareness: it is require aware about the change management need for new ShowTime Arabia require. Theawareness need to provide to employee and give idea about the advantage from change compare totradition technique. 2 | P a g e

Desire: the desire of employee have desire of change. If employee deny to take part in change procedurethen it require to communicate to supervisor, manger or head of employees because they are near to himand take serious about them decision. Knowledge: it is require that employee of ShowTime have knowledge of make change. This can beAchive after complete millstone awareness and Desire. Ability: is it evaluation of employee knowledge. Is employee of ShowTime really able for make change. Itdepends on knowledge they gain.Reinforcement: it require to connect all employee with change otherwise the change objective may notcomplete successfully. Answer: 5 (A)The leadership technique which require in project manager or organization development manager. Alsorequire technical head which handle all technical aspects. The responsibility of this leader have to manageand restructure organization such a way that the management policy can achieve successful objective. TheCEO and chief operating officer is appoint to take decision wisely that is beneficial for organizationdevelopment.Answer: 5(B)To confirm commitment of plan perform in order to take decision wisely. To be supportive withemployee, take suggestion and ideas about the project, reduce gap between employees, to listen everyoneopinion but to do right thing which is suitable for project objective. To communicate which is understoodfor all level of organization. Answer: 6(A)By reducing gap between employees, to apply technique for brainstorming to collect innovative ideas fromdifferent level of employees, fair decision for every level of employee, proper response for each level ofemployees and give best reward for his work, to behave polite, make right and positive attitude towardsthe fellow employees, provide inspiration by speech and through performance of task. Answer: 6(B)The employees are associate with provide feel that are valuable employee of team, by providing feel tomake better than best day after day, provide feel a stronger bond with organization, project and fellowemployees and making more responsible, provide inspiration and motivation to do work, feel free tocontribute to other department if need, Feel about to focus on the project rather than worried about thefailure.It is require to smooth communication procedure which help to identify information that needs tocommunicate. It is require to obtain target audience for communication, also necessary to decide3 | P a g e

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