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Added on -2019-09-21

This JSON response contains solutions to questions on algorithms and programming. It includes code snippets and detailed explanations for questions related to binomial distribution, print algorithm and more. The response also includes a title, meta title, meta description, slug, course code, course name and college/university if mentioned.
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Answer – 7Studying the Print Algorithm, we see that,For evaluation, we will count the number of accesses to array P[i][j].Let there be two vertex, q and r. The path between q and r has worst case “n-1” edges (where n is number of vertices in graph).For every n-1 edges P[i][j] is calculated 4 times, so worst case is 4 (n-1), which is linear complexity. In overall complexity is O(n).Answer – 4Int bin2 (int n, int k){Int B[0....k];B[0] = 1;For(int i=1; i<= n; i++){For(int j = minimum(I,k); j>0;j--){B[j] = B[j] + B[j-1]}}Return B[k];}We don’t need to sore the 2-d values to compute single value. Just the previous row values will be enough to proceed further.Answer – 3publicclass Util{ // find the binomial distribution // ret[0] stores the number user given // ret[1] stores the count of the corresponding number in ret[0] with the // same index // for some number, the count maybe 0. // the parameter validation must be finished in advance

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