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Answer – 7. Studying the Print Algorithm, we see that,.

Added on - 21 Sep 2019

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Answer – 7Studying the Print Algorithm, we see that,For evaluation, we will count the number of accesses to array P[i][j].Let there be two vertex, q and r. The path between q and r has worst case “n-1” edges (where nis number of vertices in graph).For every n-1 edges P[i][j] is calculated 4 times, so worst case is 4 (n-1), which is linearcomplexity. In overall complexity is O(n).Answer – 4Int bin2 (int n, int k){Int B[0....k];B[0] = 1;For(int i=1; i<= n; i++){For(int j = minimum(I,k); j>0;j--){B[j] = B[j] + B[j-1]}}Return B[k];}We don’t need to sore the 2-d values to compute single value. Just the previous row values will beenough to proceed further.Answer – 3publicclassUtil{// find the binomial distribution// ret[0] stores the number user given// ret[1] stores the count of the corresponding number in ret[0] with the// same index// for some number, the count maybe 0.// the parameter validation must be finished in advance
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