Answer.1). A transaction failure is a method where tran

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Answer.1)A transaction failure is a method where transaction needs to be stoppedwhen it neglects to execute, and put an incorrect input , deadlock or where itcan’t move further after reaching a point. It causes a transaction to fail.It has two types:-Logical Error:When transaction can no longer finish with the execution if ithas some internal condition like no data found, incorrect input etc., and italso gives wrong result. It is a logical error.Eg:Any student data, employee dataSystem Error:when system enters in unpleasant state, it itself aborts thetransaction with the execution because of this system condition the databaseis also not ready to do further execution. It’s called system Error.Eg:deadlock state.Answer 2)Part A:Part B:Horizontal fragmentation for employee tableFragment 1:Fragment 2:Minimal Predicates:pr = {Sex = 'M' ,Sex = 'F', Salary <= 45000, Salary >= 50000, deptNo = 11,DeptNo = 10}There could not be any mininmal predicate possible in this manner.Project table:pr = {contractPrice = 100000, contractPrice = 100000}This is the minimal pridacts.
Answer.3)<?xmlversion="1.0"encoding="UTF-8"?><Department><Dnumber="5"><Dname>Research</Dname><Mgr_ssn>333445555</Mgr_ssn><Mgr_start_date>1988-05-22</Mgr_start_date></Dnumber><Dnumber="4"><Dname>Administration</Dname><Mgr_ssn>987654321</Mgr_ssn><Mgr_start_date>1995-01-01</Mgr_start_date></Dnumber><Dnumber="1"><Dname>Headquarters</Dname><Mgr_ssn>988665565</Mgr_ssn><Mgr_start_date>1981-06-19</Mgr_start_date></Dnumber></Department><DEPT_LOCATION><Dnumber="1"><Dlocation>Houstan</Dlocation></Dnumber><Dept ID="4">
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