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Assignment Saudization Policy

Added on -2019-09-20

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Answers 1.Due to the Saudization policy, most of the organizations are suffering fromunemployment issue. With the introduction of Saudization policy, they don't have anyfreedom regarding the selection of potential employees which suits the job profile of theorganization. The introduction of Saudization limits their businesses because they are notable to work with interaction organizations because they require foreign language orculture expert which it cannot hire in its organization.2.They need to change their staff and conduct hiring which consumes a large cost of theorganization. Furthermore, the organization also need to establish training programs toimparted necessary training to them. This will ultimately enhance the cost of productionwhich reduce the level of profit.3.They need to change their existing policies and need to draw new and also need toconduct policies regarding training and education programs for the selected candidates.4.The introduction of Saudization brings various job opportunities for the citizens of theSaudi. On the other hand, the income level of people also growing which ultimatelyenhance the GDP of the country.

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