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Answers. Q-1- Egyptian were the first in the middle eas

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AnswersQ-1- Egyptian were the first in the middle east to start civilization and Mesopotamia wasthe centre to rule.Q-2- The reason behind calling “the Fertile crescent” are (i) It had many rivers and seas around called as Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Tigris river, Neil river and black river which were ideal place for fishing. (ii) The Arabian Desert that was giving plant energy.Q-3- The Fertile Crescent is often called “Cross-Road of the world’ as it is connected to 3 continents.Q-4- The Tigris-Euphrates is called “Mesopotamia” because it was a lnd between two rivers.Q-5- Sumerian Cuneiform was a writing system used for representing trade goods and live stocks on clay tablets.Q-6- Sickness and death were seemed as sin for life. On after life they believed that soul will go to a God call Nergal who would give pain.Q7- Sumerian developed Numeral system which was a 60 system of counting divided into 360 degree and also able to count second, minute and hour which we use today as well. Q-8- The punishment of death penalty for not less than 30 times and was given for small reasons like stealing from temple or palace property or when runaway with salve.Q-9- The legal system was so important in developing modern civilization as it was giving fear to the people who had stealing in mind or commit crime a severe death punishment. This was basically balancing peace in society.Q-10- The collaborative criminology work alongside equality in owning property was the two progressive things.Q-11- The first thing they were doing was to purchase of small funerary item. Secondly, and the most important buying a coffin.Q-12- The papyrus which were used in Hieroglyphics to decorate many objects for culticand daily life use.Q-13- Ammit- A goddess in ancient Egypt religion who was supposed to eat individual.Q-14- 95% Egyptian earned their living through agriculture, fishing and building mummies.Q-15- The Neil River was the giver of life to Egypt.Q-16- The phonetic and ideographic sign knowledge to decipher Hieroglyphic.
Answers. Q-1- Egyptian were the first in the middle eas_1

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