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The Anti-Lock Breaking System : Assignment

Added on - 23 Mar 2020

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The Anti-Lock Breaking System1The Anti-Lock Breaking SystemName of the Student:Academic Affiliation:Date:
The Anti-Lock Breaking System2IntroductionAn “Anti-lock Braking System” or the “anti-skid braking systems” (ABS) refers to anautomobile safety system which permits wheels on a vehicle in order to maintain effectivetractive contact with road surfaces based on the inputs of the driver while breaking thus leadingto prevention of wheels from ceasing rotation or locking up and therefore avoiding any form ofuncontrolled skidding. This is a good topic for research because it will provide more informationregarding how the Antilock Breaking System is normally used in more improved vehicles toprevent them from slipping and wheel locking when the brakes are applied.It is the safety system of vehicles that the person controlling the vehicle is provided tocontrol the spin so as to maintain the optimal slip rotation. This system is automated andtherefore it is run on principles of edge braking and pace breaking that was done by skillfuldrivers with previous traditional systems of breaking. The response time is fast thus making iteasier for the driver when handling the steering1. Antilock Breaking System (ABS) gives a betterdeal or offer to advance automobile control and assists to minimize the distance for halting in dryand slippery surfaces; equally on loose surface for example snow and gravel covered pavements.This is indeed a very critical and crucial topic for studying because the ABS can considerablyincrease the distance for breaking and at the same time improve the control of the vehicle.During breaking, the ABS prevents the brakes from locking themselves. In normalsituations of braking, the driver controls the brakes he is able to manage the vehicle throughbraking normally. However, when the road is slippery and during situations of severe braking,the antilock system takes over. The driver during this time when the antilock system is used1Eidenschink, Rainer, Wilfried Gerber, and R. O. H. N. Wolfgang. "Pressure control valve arrangement havingdiaphragm valves for controlling a fluid pressure in an ABS brake system of a vehicle, having a valve seat integratedin a unipartite fashion in a plastic housing part." U.S. Patent 9,637,099, issued May 2, 2017.
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