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ANY LAW CASE OR LEGAL ACTION TAKEN BY THE COMPANY OR AGAINSTTHE COMPANYWe had chosen Husna Nasi Berlauk which is related to hospitality industry to conductour interview to complete our written report. Husna Nasi Berlauk especially known as ‘NasiAir Dingin’ in Kelantan which is also an instant food. After being interviewed, the businesshad problems related to hospitality law. How we know that this case was related to hospitalitylaw are because a customer purchases food from an eatery or consumes and pays for a mealat a restaurant, there is a contract between the customer and the food provider. Hospitalitylaw is the body of law relating to the food service, travel, and lodging industries. That is, it isthe body of law governing the specific nuances of hotels, restaurants, spas, country clubs,meeting, convention planners and more. Furthermore, hospitality law does not just involveone area of law. It encompasses a wide variety of practise areas, including contracts, tort lawand more.Issue of this case is whether the business of Husna Nasi Berlauk is responsible for thefood poisoning of the customer. The provision act is section 13A unfit for humanconsumption. Section 13A refers to an offence of preparing and selling food unfit for humanconsumption. There is a presumption in section 25(1) that when any food is sold or exposedor offered for sale, unless the contrary is proved be deemed to be sold or exposed or offeredfor sale for human consumption. According to section 13A, food is unfit for humanconsumption if it consists wholly or in part of any diseased, filthy, decomposed, or putridanimal or vegetable substance. Then, any portion of an animal unfit for food or the product ofan animal which has died otherwise that by slaughter or as game.Besides, the relevant case is customer and Husna Nasi Berlauk (2006). Regarding to thecase, one of customers was buy the food at Husna Nasi Berlauk. The customer also buys thefood for his friends. On the evening, he ate another food at food court in shopping mall. Onthat night, his stomach discomfort and diarrhea or nausea and difficulty sleeping. The nextday, he went to the hospital for treatment. Then, doctor said he was food poisoning. He doesnot know what foods he ate that cause food poisoning but he suspects the food from NasiHusna Berlauk. Then, he went to seek justice for himself. After investigating, on the day, theplaintiff bought the food and his friends also ate the same food but they did not suffer anyillness.
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