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APA style writing for masters level program.Include citations and references in APA stlyleWeek 5: Ethics Training Module DevelopmentYou have been hired as an expert healthcare legal consult by large religious-based healthcaresystemto develop a training module on the topic of "Healthcare Ethics". Recently the facility hasexperienced a number of negative blows to its overall public image due to a string of ethicalviolations that have occurred over the past five (5) years. Based on the terms of legal contractthat you and the organization agreed upon, below are the specifications that thehealth system hasrequested to include within the module:Accompanying MaterialsoCreate an agenda that includes at minimum five (5) objectives as a measurementof effectiveness, the purpose of the training, along with the targeted audience(who will benefit from participating in the module)Layout of ModuleoDesign an actual forty-five (45) minute to one (1) hour virtual training modulefordepartmental and organizational use on the topic of Healthcare Ethics(the intentis for a future mandatory automated training; therefore audio is required)oModulecan include clip art, links to additional sourcesoTopics must include at minimum discussion on the following: employees, patientcare, importance, alignment with mission, vision of and values of theorganization, define and discuss ethics, compare and contrast ethics, morals andvalues, it'simpact on decision making, measures to ensure employees practice and
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