Appearance vs Reality in Othello - Essay

Added on - 31 May 2021

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Running head: ESSAY“Appearance vs Reality in Othello”Name of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1ESSAY“Appearance and reality clarified in Othello”Insight into OthelloOthello is one of the masterpieces, which Shakespeare penned down in 1603 formaking the audience aware of the relation between the generals and their subordinates. Theplay consists of religious diversity, as the protagonist Othello is referred to as a Moor,basically the Muslims descendants of Maghreb (Swazo).Appearance and reality in OthelloAlong with different themes, the difference between appearance and reality is animportant shade. Othello is projected as a character, who believes what he sees. He visualizesthe truth and proves that what he has seen is right. He goes into the deep for revealing the truenature. Typical evidence of this is Act 3 Scene 3, where he tells Iago, “Villain, be sure thouprove my love a whore, be sure of it, give me ocular prove.” “Be sure” reflects Othello’sconfidence in terms of what he sees and does (Rubin). “Being sure” alerts Iago of his claimsand accusations regarding the relationship between Desdemona and Cassio.The immediate result is Othello’s loss of self-control, making him emotionally weak.Negative thoughts entrap his mind, which bring psychological theories into the discussion.Othello’s love for Desdemona was so intense, that he could not tolerate the intrusion of athird man into their relationship. This approach of Othello affirms the statement, “Love isblind”, which blurs the outside world for him. This characteristic aligns with the fact thatwhen individuals are engrossed into something, they ignore the world around (Summa).Getting convinced by other’s tactics is natural and aligns with the psychology of theindividuals. However, Othello’s determination to delve deep into the truth makes him an
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