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BIZ301 Organizational Creativity and Innovation

Added on - 12 Sep 2021

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Innovation and creation
Apple Incorporation
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With the ramified innovation in technologies and economic development, many
organizations are gaining momentum throughout the time. It is analyzed that innovation,
creation and strategy are the key pillar for the business success. It is analyzed that Apple has
been leading the domestic and international market by using the product differentiation
strategy by adopting the consistent development in the Apple organization.
Use of the innovationandstrategywork togetheratApple
Apple is the international business organization indulged in manufacturing and selling
electronic tools and items in the market. However, the main strategy which is followed by the
Apple is Platform strategy and Iterative customer involvement strategy in market to compete
with its rivals. These two strategies are also accompanied with the innovative technology and
system in its business. It is analyzed that these two strategies are followed by Apple to make
the changes in its value chain activities and set up automation and advancement in its existing
process. A platform strategy adopted by the Apple was adopted with a view to allow all the
employees, suppliers and other staff members to connect with each other’s. It set up
automation in its value chain activities and strengthens the business outcomes in effective
manner. By using this strategy, Apple adopted the innovation work process in its value
process and allowed employees to work efficiently. Another strategy was to use Iterative
customer involvement strategy which would help company to customize its advance tools and
items as per the client’s need and demand. It will clearly push company to adopt innovation
in its offered products as per the client’s need and demand (Corsi, & Morin, 2015).
Innovationapproach of Apple
The innovationapproachof Apple that has successfully used to identify customers’
needs is to use Iterative customer involvement strategy to customize its advance tools and
items as per the client’s need and demand (Forest, 2017).It allowed company to gather the
required information about the market and identify what client’s needs and demand from the
offered products. This has allowed company to implement the life cycle stage strategy to
strengthen the demand and need of its offered advance products in market. This Iterative
customer involvement strategy will allow Apple to understand the introduction, growth,
maturity and decline stage of its offered products in market. It will also allow company to
link the client’s need and demand and what company could offer in the best interest of the
clients. The advancement and up gradation in its offered products is the main strategy of the
apple to attract more clients (Kaudela-Baum, Holzer, & Kocher, 2014).
Strategies helped Apple tocontinuetostayaheadofthe competition
With the increasing competition, Apple has faced high tough competition from the
strong rivals such as Samsung, MI and Vivo. However, the main strategy which has helped
Apple to compete with its rivals is customer design participatory strategy. It has been
focusing on upgrading all of its offered products and services as per the client’s need and
their feedbacks. This strategy has allowed it to maintain strong brand image in client’s mind
and strengthen the business outcomes. However, it has also allowed company to develop
product differentiation strategy in market (Römmele, & Kouimelis, 2016).
Role of the people of the Apple in the company constantly coming up with innovative
People in Apple are more inclined towards the advancement in the technologies by
adopting innovation in its existing electronic items. In the research and development
department, by using the participatory design strategy and software testing programs are one
of the major strategies adopted by the employees of the company. It is analyzed that Steve
Jobs being the CEO of company implemented the core IT training for the employees to learn
new things and forced them to go for the innovation in the value chain activities
(Rosecollette, Hoabeb, & Karodia, 2014).The key managerial person also set up testing
program, board excellence set up program for employees to push the company to new phases
of innovation. The line managers of the research and development department of the Apple
were given role to promote and motivate employees for the innovation in the existing
technologies. The website developers and IT employees are indulged in optimizing the search
engine optimization and strengthen the online business of the Apple. Some of the employees
are also pushed to take constant learning and training program for the business adaption
which strengthen innovation and technologies in the business (Heller, et al. 2016).
CultureatAppleencourage/discourage them
The culture at Apple is to promote and motivate employees for the constant learning
and adaption towards the client’s needs and demand in Market. It has followed employee
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