Application Development for Mobile- Assignment

Added on - 15 Mar 2020

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Running head: E-PORTFOLIOApplication Development for Mobile PlatformsWeek 10: App Stores & Selling Your AppName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note:
1E-PORTFOLIOSummary of the LectureThe objectives of this week were to create icons & splash screens for Apps, to preparescreenshots and App metadata, to understand App Store terms and conditions, to determine howto develop a marketing plan, to understand freelance work, to understand how to use apps forbusiness promotion, and to use both standard and guerilla marketing tactics. The App Metadatais the short description of the app and the category or classification, where it belongs. Marketingstrategies should be determined with the help of demographics of the customers, requirements ofthe customers and the overall satisfaction of the customers. The Guerilla tactica are again animportant feature.Links of the Resources1.
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