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Running header: APPLICATION OF SYSTEMS THEORY1Application of Systems Theory in Amsterdam Nursing HomeStudent’s NameUniversity
APPLICATION OF SYSTEMS THEORY2Application of Systems Theory in Amsterdam Nursing HomeShortage of nurses has increasingly been a problem in the United States hospitals for along time. Currently the statistics indicate a 7.2% shortage with a possibility of this increasingfurther shortly. The increasing old age population in the United States has led to an increasingneed for nursing staff in many hospitals in the country[ CITATION Den17\l 1033 ]. Amsterdam Nursing Homeis one of the largest health facilities in the countrywith over 600 beds that require adequate nursing staff. The Bureau of Labor Statistics hasreported that between 2014 and 2022 the country will realize a nursing shortage of 1.2 millionstaffs which will affect every healthcare facility (Buerhaus, Donelan, Ulrich, Norman,DesRoches & Dittus, 2007). Systems theory is used in understanding how organizations operatethrough an energetic input and output system that ensures stability and sustainability ofprocesses. This essay analyses shortage of nursing staff in Amsterdam Nursing Home.Meyer & O’Brien-Pallas (2010) suggest that a system way of thinking views anorganization as consisting ofinputs, throughput, output, cycles of events, and negative feedbackthat are related to keeping the whole system running. Inputs will consist of the nursing staff thatare employed by the organization, the patients they serve and other materials like documentationand supplies that are used as tools by the nurses. Throughput entails the system processes thatpatients go through from registration into the facility all the way to discharge time. Since thereare limited nursing staff, one nurse is supposed to handle only one station but Amsterdamnursing home has situations where one patient handles more than one station thus keeping somepatients waiting.
APPLICATION OF SYSTEMS THEORY3Outputs are the benefits that patients realize from the hospital. Due to lack off enoughnursing staff, the hospital reports delays in serving patients which affect the overall output levelof the organization. System as a cycle of events entails sustainability of the system throughrepeat the same activities over similar output characteristics or newcharacteristics[ CITATION Car07 \l 1033 ]. There are standardnursing procedures like collecting patient informationto allocate a physician. Since the processesare standardized, they are repeated activities that have to be done every time a new case isadministered. Negative feedback systems are used to improve system running through analyzingperformance indicators. Amsterdam Nursing home has a feedback mechanism for analyzing howthe organization performs (Amsterdam Nursing Home, 2017).Shortage of nurses is one of policy issues affecting the healthcare system in the UnitedStates[ CITATION Buc10 \l 1033 ]. This means that the hospitalhas to develop plans to address the clinical shortage through utilizing the available humanresource personnel.Hiring new nurses may not be the best solution since the country isencountering a nursing shortage. Systems theory approaches this issue by identifying theorganization as an open system with inputs and outputs. Under normal circumstances, inputs andoutputs need to be balanced to achieve stability and sustainability of the system. This is through aset of outcomes, goals, objectives and professional standards that can be put in place to addressstaff shortage without necessarily hiring new ones.Desired outcomesa)Reduced patient waiting time.
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