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Importance of Interpersonal Relationships: Theories and Examples

Added on -2019-09-21

This essay explains the importance of interpersonal relationships with the help of concepts of interpersonal relationship theories. It also provides examples to reflect the need for interpersonal relationship in our daily life.
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Application Paper1Interpersonal relationships are developed on daily basis in the world from the ancient history. Anindividual must be aware of the understanding of the needs of an individual in which they aretrying to connect with each other (An,2015). For the better understanding of interpersonalrelationships, the individuals have to be aware of the basic understanding of the needs by whichthey are trying to connect with each other. A quality interpersonal relationship is the one whichis built on the understanding of oneself and the other. A quality relationship is a way of sharingthe similar thoughts with each other by making an understanding of the thoughts, feelings, andbehaviors of each other.An interpersonal relationship is just like the game which is similar to the deductive reasoningthat we use in the game of Sherlock Holmes. As interpersonal relationships are based on theconcept of satisfaction, commitment to relationship and trust (Garthe,2017). Many scholars haveprovided many theories of interpersonal relationships like the social exchange theory, which isbased on the concept that interpersonal relationships can never be one-sided, and an individualhas to invest time and money in it, for staring any relationship for the long term. One majoraspect of an interpersonal relationship is the use of effective communication while interactingwith anybody. For example, a teacher can also use the interpersonal relationships in making theirteaching effectiveness, so that the students can learn more from his teaching (Beck,2016). Formaking this the teacher has to communicate in an effective way by the use of positive nonverbalbody language and humor. In this way, the students will not fear with the teacher and can easilyexpress their problems, by feedback and interpersonal communication.When the quality interpersonal relationship exists, the amount of synergy will also be increasedin relationships. A quality example of the interpersonal relationship is found in the strong family

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