Cart Indexing System for Mulling Assembly Cell


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Application/Market Area Description:The Mulling Assembly cell produces the largest units that can range up to 12 feet wide by 8 feet tall and weigh 400+ pounds. At the end of the cell, employees manually index a finished goods cart into position alongside the workstation in order to transfer windows onto the cart. This project will eliminate ergonomic hazards associated with manual push/pull and will reduce the chance of injury to the employee by replacing the manual process with a process to assist the employee.Problem to be solved:The goal of this project is to design a system that indexes the cart into position to eliminate the manual moving of the cart at the end of the production cell. Each cart will require it to be indexed 8 times and needs to have the slot on the cart align with the easel on the production easel. In addition, the solution will also assist the employee to move the cart to the next station which is located 15 feet away. The design will eliminate ergonomic hazards and reduce the chance of injury to the employee.
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