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Applied Sciences,Computing & EngineeringThere are 2 assessments for COM524:Data Communications and Networks,Assignment 1 iscoursework and is described in this document and is worth 60% of the total mark. Assignment 2 is aformal examination and is worth 40% of the overall marks. Note both assignments must be attemptedto obtain a pass.Assignment 1Assignment 1 is coursework and is made up of 2 tasks weighted at 20% for the lab report and 30% for thecase study.Task 1Lab Practical report (1500 words)You will be presented with a lab practical too complete, from this practical you are to produce a technicalreport of 1500 words (± 10%). This must not be a commentary on the steps taken to complete the task but areflection on the implementation of the practical, any issues you had and the technology used. Your reportmust be referenced using IEEE format.Guidance:You will work individually on this assignment. Youmustinclude clear references for any material you haveused in your research, using the IEEE referencing system. The report will be 1500 words (± 10%) long, notincluding diagrams, tables, references, etc.Submission:Your report is to be submitted electronically via Moodle. It should be 1500 words (± 10% excludingdiagrams and tables etc), in Microsoft Word format. IEEE format referencing should be used.Notes for the expertI am doing this practical onEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP). So youguys have to think about what I could have done and the difficulties I may have faced.Basically you are in a lab and you are connecting 2 computers together. I will send the lappractical that we did and you will have a better idea.
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