Applying Critical Reflective Practice Assignment

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Applying Critical reflectivepractice
Part A: Research Aims and Literature ReviewAim and ContextThe main aim of this research is increasing professionalism within myself for working incorporate world. Professionalism is the way of improving oneself in better and effective manner.This can impact past, present and future need of individuals to face challenges and work on it.For exploring myself, I should improve myself by following professionalism for development ofparticular attributes and useful in professional environment and informal professional identity.The main context of respective research is that of building self image, understanding ownself, critical reflective practice, continuing own journey through self development with help ofprofessionalism. Though there are some issues to this context regarding how I see myself andways of overcoming these objectives in best possible manner. All these are discussed in nextsection of research work.UsingAsselin and Fain (2013) as framework combine these two forms of self awarenessand creative expression which will allow me for accessing variety of data to develop anddiscover my own reflection for professionalism. In this research, I will also use Johari Windowtool for helping to understand myself and my relationship with others in professionalism,educational and academic setting.Theoretical DirectionResearch of reflective practices byCollin, Karsenti and Komis (2013)depict that despiteof various definitions and models used for understanding and analysing reflection, it isconsidered to be procedure, personal to ones, and professionalism which reflect models whichcan be built by individuals that is based on what they to get desired resultsto be done and whatworks best for them. The writer points out that there are various criteria which researchers shouldmeet when reflecting for accepting by academics. According to Brookfield (2017) reflectivepractices was initially used by the ways through which dealing can issues among professionalpractices, but it was altered through professionalism and writers for using as tool for developingnew and experienced professionals like.For developing artistic, imagination should be there among employees and managers tofoster artistic vision which emphasises organisational, creative and thinking within abilities ofmanager for meeting business expectations. This research is using various types of forms for1
developing professionalism, various method and other seminars to develop oneself in better andeffective manner in order to achieve set goals and objectives. Using various approaches forprofessionalism, I will be able to explore myself in better and effective manner which will bediscussed in next section.Coulson and Harvey (2013)supports various ideas for reflection which is important, inparticular for affirming own identity in exploring professionalism within me. Professionalism isdeveloped by using critical reflection which can change or affirm underlying values, beliefs,attitudes, assumptions for better performance where I can manage to meet my own expectationsfor generating sense of meaning within corporation. The personal experience also helps indeveloping professionalism which can trigger transformation from leading to individual andusing way of looking oneself in better and effective manner Decker and et. Al., (2013) providevarious interpretation in developing professionalism through professional learning and discusswith complexity which should be improved and avoiding unexpected responses to instability ofbusiness. The teaching, learning and other approaches helps learner to develop professionalismwithin them to work in organisation and learn from previous experiences for clarifying ownlearning. Through approach, doubts and issues can be cleared and provide more critical thinkingto users for being self aware regarding own skills and knowledge for development ofprofessionalism.Fook (2016)argue that learners especially all types of individual should often attempt inaccomplishing their desired or predicted or imagined future along with pressures from theirsituation arise in business such as work pressure, stress and others. This can be high I cannotwork as per set goal and objectives. Before development of professionalism, I found myselffloating in life with any goal and dream which requires days to know about my need andrequirement for life. Before professionalism develops within me, I was not able to completegiven task in professional manner as it can help me to develop myself in better and effectivemanner. There were things which were going on my mind before completion of such task.There are different models and approaches which can be used by me for enhancing anddeveloping my professionalism for identifying constructions. This framework helps indevelopment of professionalism within organisation and occupation identities. This can be usedas guide or idea for generating thought and allows an individual for relating self image within2
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