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Bachelor of Applied TechnologyAPTE 5601 Electrical and Electronic Principals.Assignment 1: DC Power supply.Final Due Date: Monday 27th June 2016Other milestone dates as belowAim:To demonstrate knowledge, skills and understanding of Digital electronics and integrated circuit analogue ampliers. Scenario:You are wanting to produce your own DCpower supply, you need financial support to build and market the product.You are to research, design and build a DC power supply of your choosing.Eg. Phone charger, tablet charger, battery charger, car battery charger, multi voltage DC powersupply.Your power supply can be 230V supply or 12 V DC supply.Advance task: Contact a manufacture and find out how much it would be to mass produce your product and make a presentation for presenting your product for financial support (like the Dragons Den on TV)Material: Unitec can provide you with most standard electronic components. You will need to provide the housing (box to put it in) and any specialised item e.g. adaptors or connectors for a phone. You can use the components in the Technicians room. You may order component via Suresh our Technician but you need to be aware that it takes a lot of time for items to be delivered. You MUST build the power supply and not being able to get the necessary components is not an excuse. These power supplies are yours to take home once marked.

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