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Arab Open UniversityFaculty of Business StudiesBusiness Functions in Context IIB203B – Second semester 2017-18Tutor Marked AssessmentHuman Resource Management and competitive advantageEssay Question (100 marks, 1000 words)Using the human resource department for recruitment, training, development andretaining employees can give any organization a competitive advantage. Someorganizations became very successful in their markets by establishing an employeecentered culture.Discuss how HRM activities enable organizations to become more competitive intheir markets. Use an example of a well known organization that had beensuccessful. In your essay make sure to cover the following main points:Recruitment and selectionTraining and developmentReward structure and motivationRetentionGeneral instructions for students:Cut-off date: Check LMSPlagiarism:It’s imperative that you write your answer using your own words. Plagiarism will bepenalized depending on its severity and according to AOU plagiarism policy.B203B – TMA –Second 2017-18Page1
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