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Dementia affects many individuals as well as society as a whole and brings a rangeof challenges to care services in society (WHO2012). The dignity and identity of allhuman beings need to be protected, regardless of their medical condition. In thecase of dementia, we are forced to explore the dignity, decision-making competenceand civic rights of the individual in new terms (WHO2012).INTRODUCTIONS
This essay is about a female patient (client) living in a nursing home with advancedAlzheimer disease. Her dementia symptoms are variable; And she has inappropriatesexual behaviour which is Masturbation. She masturbates every day while she is inher room. Some staff saying she must stop it and some saying should be able to dowhat she wishes and the team need to support her well- being and comfort.In the United Kingdom people are protected by Human Right Act 1998 thatstates everyone has the right to be treated with fairness, dignity, respect and equal(Human Right Act 1998). This essay tries to identify What are the ethical conceptspertaining to freedom, rights, responsibilities, and the use of power in care whichapply to this situation and what kind of strategies could the staff utilise to supportand respect this client’s dignity. This essayreferences to all the ethical principlesthat is chosen and discusses how effective communication and interpersonal skillsthat could have been used to support freedom, greater dignity, respect, justice andautonomy in this situation and in a reflective account, explains how this case studyhas contributed to the writer’s ownlearning, self-development, and practice inunderstanding dignity and respect.LO 1
The first part of this is essay defines the ethics principles of autonomy, respect,dignity, non-maleficent, justice, freedom and responsibility; And links theseprinciples to Mrs McDonahue’s case scenario.Mrs. McDonahue is an older woman of 84, with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease andhas been a resident of The Firs Residential and Nursing Care Home for the last 2years. Her dementia symptoms are variable but she tends not to talk with anyoneelse and does not appear to be aware of her son when he comes to visit her in theafternoons. She is incontinent of both faeces and urine and part of her agreed careplan is to wear pads to maintain her cleanliness which should be changed often.The staff, who care for her, have heated discussions about Mrs. McDonahue, asshe masturbates in her room every day and they disagree on the correct way ofcaring for her needs. Many of the staff say that Mrs. McDonahue should not bedoing that and that she should be stopped and therefore, ensure her pads are veryfirmly fixed and she cannot access her body. Other staff say that Mrs. Mc Donahueshould be able to do what she wishes and that the team need to support her well-being and comfort.Ethics
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