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Argumentative Essay1UNIV 1212: Critical Thinking and ProblemSolvingDr Ali AlghazoFall 2016-2017Section XXXName:ID:Major:Assignment 4: Compare and Contrast TwoArgument Essays (20%)
Argumentative Essay2IntroductionThe report talks about the two essays based on ‘smoking’ but the perspective is different in boththe essays. One of the essays gives the arguments against banning smoking in the public areasand the other essay gives the arguments for banning smoking in the public areas. The issue ofwhether to ban or not the smoking in public area is debatable for past many years and the debateis still going on. Both the perspectives give compelling facts but, there has been no ‘midway’that has been adopted by the government yet. The essays are strong enough to make anyonebelieve in their arguments because the facts and opinions that have been discussed here are veryinfluential and it is very difficult to judge that which one should be followed. But, when itcomes to health risks, that only point can overcome all other arguments that support the smokingin public area.The report aims to compare and contrast both the essays to determine the strength of argumentsin them and to determine that which one of them has the strongest supporting reasons for theirarguments.Arguments against Banning SmokingThe first argument is that if smoking is allowed in ‘Designated areas’ at public places, then itwill not harm the non-smokers as they can simple avoid walking in that area. This is a weakargument because it is not always possible for them to avoid that area. For example, in a schoolif small kids are playing in the ground and they do not have such an understanding level that theycan differentiate between the areas, then they may end up entering the ‘designated area forsmoking’ and may get affected by the smoke.The second argument says that smoking reduces the stress levels in employees; hence theyshould be allowed to smoke for better productivity and for calming their nerves. But, theproductivity may also reduce if the employee is sneaking off again and again for smokingbecause he is addicted to that. So, a ‘no smoking’ policy will make him sit and do the work andhe may also leave this habit if he doesn’t get to smoke in office.The third argument says that if smoking is banned at public places, they will smoke at home andwill harm their family members. This is a reasonable argument because when they will not be
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