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Armstrong, G., Kotler, P. and Brennan, R., 2015.Marketing:an introduction. Pearson Education.Christensen, T. L., Avaya Inc, 2016.Using business rules fordetermining presence. U.S. Patent 9,398,152.Edelson, S. A., Kim, P. and Szendrey, J. M., 2015. What did Ijust tweet?!: The need to address digital emotionalliteracy in corporate communications. InDigital businessdiscourse(pp. 189-207). Palgrave Macmillan, London.Fearn-Banks, K., 2016.Crisis communications: A casebookapproach. Routledge.Confidently use of range of research tools and academic skills.Research is the essential process for making new discovery and new businessgrowth. In order to decide for research company needs to determinethe market an and long process of making tools and techniques in orderto make the better resources and target market goals (Fearn-Banks,2016). Moreover, there are many research tools which helps todiscover new target market techniques such as Along with that thereare some tools and techniques which provides the best productiveresearch outcomes such as qualitative and quantitative research, alltools and research data has to be confidential and need to be in theform of privacy. Besides, it makes the best productive nature.Moreover, research is the major productive task oriented process(Edelson, Kim and Szendrey, 2015).Discuss a range of theories of communication.Communication process is the process which helps to transferring theinformation from one place to another (Ricci, AutoConnectHoldings 2016). Through company make the better knowledgeof growth. There are different communication learning such asClassical theory, stimulus theory, two step flow theory, one stepflow theory, multi step flow theory.Classical theory:this theory helps M&S to make the better growth andpresenting method of communication. Classical theory hasbased on theory of mass media, soviet media communist theory.It is the traditional way of communication theory. Along withthat, it will be the more challenging and impractical process ofcommunication (Patti, Hartley and Baack, 2017).One step flow theory:it is the another theory of it is the theory underwhich one step theory has been included. Along with that, it willbe the more enlarging process and best making of Growth. Andalong with that, it will be more enlarging and best productiveapproach.These are the factors affect M&S learning process. Apart from that,learning process has been given better target market andbest effective process which acquire the best knowledgegrowth (Swani, Milne and Donthu, 2017). Learning stylesare the best models to adopt new changes throughorganization can grow more in their best possible manner.There are two types of learning professional learning andpersonal learning. Both influenced from each other’s in orderto make the best possible act. Professional learning helps tolearn business ethics, practical knowledge etc. besides,personal learning has based on theory interpersonal skills etc.Learning styles is the essential part of the nature which enhance thegrowth factor in between the employee performance (White,2015). Along with that, range of learning styles helps tocompeting with the contested theories that aim to account fordifference in individuals learning. There are many factors whichaffect learning styles such as employee behavior, organizationculture, changes in technology and uncertain activity.Identify the range of learning styles and the factors that influence communication and learning.
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