Academic Skills Personal Skills Audit : Assignment

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ARSWrite an introduction to Academic SkillsPersonal Skills Audit(Complete the table below-rate yourself - 4 if you are good or 1 if you weak, 2 or 3 ifaverage- explain why you gave that point)SELF MANAGEMENT1234Examples to support yourjudgementMange your time effectively(meet deadlines, getappointments and classes ontime)I am able to manage timeeffectively as I always try to meetthe deadlines that are provided bythe lecturer for the projects. Alongwith this, I always try to reach inthe classes on time so that I wouldnot miss any lecture, but sometimes I miss the classes due to someconsequences such as delay in thearrival or taxi or bus.Set realistic objectives andprioritiesI am able to set objectiveseffectively and set as prioritiesbasis. I always try to prefer thoserealistic objectives which isimportant for me. But I am averageto set objectives and prioritiesbecause I have no experience abouthow to easily achieve objectivesand priorities. Moreover, manytime I am not able to achieve myobjectives.Monitor, evaluate and adaptown performanceI am capable to track, analysis andchange own performance as perthe requirement But I do notmonitor the performanceeffectively after the givingperformance. I do multiple tasks ata time this is the main reason I donot be able to evaluate themproperly. It is required to evaluatemy performance after completingthe tasks.
Show flexibility and see thatthere may be more than oneway to solve a problemI am very good at problem-solvingskills because when I face anyproblem at that time keep mindpeaceful and find out varioussolutions. I stay flexible in a criticalsituation and apply several ways tosort out a problem. So I am verygood in flexibilityBehave in a professional /ethical mannerI am always behaving in aprofessional/ethical manner at theworkplace due to an increase in myperformance in an effectivemanner. To present any task infront of senior I was practicingabout my topic before apresentation. Many times I canpresent in a loud way to mypresentation which is not includinginto ethical behave.Deal with criticism constructivelyMost of the time I am facing aproblem of criticism from mylecturer regarding projects. Theyalways provide me low grades andcriticize my work. That time I ameffectively working on myperformance and try to increase.But I am average due to caring lessfor my project.MANAGING YOUR LEARNINGUse a range of academic skillssuch as analysis, synthesis,evaluationI am using good academic skills topresent my project in front oflecturer. Along with analysis,synthesis and evaluation of mywork after the done of work whichbecome advantage for me.Sometimes I am not evaluating mywork effectively so remain average.Take responsibility for your ownI am taking responsibility for ownlearning evaluation effectively.
learning evaluating and adaptinghow you work in order toachieve your goalsAdjust work as per the requirementto accomplish my goals. I amfocusing on my responsibilityeffectively and change thoseactivities which are become barriersto conduct activities. Butsometimes I can not focus onresponsibility and can notaccomplish my goals as well asobjectives.Set yourself realistic objectives,priorities and standardsTo manage my learning skills I canset my realistic objectives, andpriorities them. It will help toincrease learning skills because Ifocus on my objectives and try toachieve them properly. As a result,my skills get increased.Use learning in new or differentsituations/ contextsI am very good learner because inany condition ready to learn. Once iwas sick and at that time i focusedon learning skills by study uponskills and motivational books thathow can I learn things in miserableconditions. It is good for mebecause it helps me to increase myknowledge criteria and learning foracknowledgement of new things.Learn through collaboration withothersI can learn new things throughcooperation with others. When Iwas learning with my friends at thattime focus on study. Many times donot focus on everything so itreflects a negative manner anddecreases my performance in frontof the lecturer. I am average in thelearning skill and need to improve.PROBLEM SOLVINGIdentify the key features of theproblemI can recognize key features easilyfrom the problem. It will help tofind out the solution and apply itefficiently. For example – When I
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