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Question and Answers on Art and Science in China

Added on - 27 Jul 2022

What happened in tiananmen square? How did the chinese goverment reacted? Why are these event particularly relevant to present time? What is the olifactory system? What does fisher say about it role in infatuation? Do u agree or disagree with fisher? Do u believe infatuation is a necessary step to fall in love Define both biotechnology and genetic engineering? Why is genetic engineering controvaisial? What does domesticated biotechnology mean? Why does he believe that something like domesticated biotechnology will enable a scientific revolution in 21 century? What 20 century technology revolution does he compare it to? List and brief explain the 3 questions that dyson ask about domesticated biotechnology

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Running head: ART AND SCIENCE1
Art and Science
Question 1
The Tiananmen Square protests were students’ organized. The students called for
democracy, free press, as well as free speech in China. Initially, pro-democracy protesters,
mainly comprised of students marched across Beijing to Tiananmen Square protesting the death
of Hu Yaobang (Communist Party leader), a leading politician that had influenced some political
as well as economic changes in China (Yang, 2014). As they went along mourning the death of
Hu, the protesters demanded the institution of an open and democratic government. Thousands
later joined the protests, raising the numbers to at least one million. In response, Chinese
soldiers, as well as the police, stormed the Square, fired live bullets into protesting citizens,
resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands. Some of the individuals participating in the
protest tried escaping, while others engaged with the police. The military’s action was
condemned globally and this led to the US Congress imposing economic sanctions on China.
Tiananmen Square is relevant to the present time for the 1989 protests that led to the massacre of
hundreds of thousands of protesters. The Square is used by thousands to mark the anniversary of
the massacre.
Question 2
The olfactory system is a crucial sense that plays an important role in reproduction as
well as food selection, thus ensuring the survival of the individual and the species. Compared to
other systems, the olfactory system is unique because, among all other factors, information is
relayed through the thalamus, but rather projected to the cortical regions directly. According to
Fisher, - an anthropologist at Rutgers University- infatuation (lust, attachment, and attraction) is
choreographed at the neurochemical level each of the three infatuations having attendant
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