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Health Promotion For Elderly People Report Pdf 2022

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Added on  2020-02-23

Health Promotion For Elderly People Report Pdf 2022

   Added on 2020-02-23

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Running head: HEALTH PROMOTION FOR ELDERLY PEOPLEHEALTH PROMOTION FOR ELDERLY PEOPLEName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
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1HEALTH PROMOTION FOR ELDERLY PEOPLESection1:Arthritis is one of the most common causes of disability in Australia and osteoarthritis isone of the most common forms of arthritis in the nation. This is a serious, painful as well as thepotential life altering diseases of joints. This is responsible for limiting the different dailyactivities as well as the quality of life for over a large number of populations of Australia. Self-reported estimates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2014–15National HealthSurvey shows that about 2.1 million Australian suffer from this condition. This disorder ismostly common in females in comparison to that of males. 10% of females have osteoarthritis iscomparison to that of 6% of males. The prevalence of this disorder increases with age. Althoughrelatively few younger people get affected with this condition, its prevalence rises sharply withage onwards form 45 with the oldest people from 65 onwards are the most affected. This can berepresented with the help of a chart provided by the government (Heller et al., 2014). It is alsoreported by statistical studies that indigenous people are affected in higher number than the nonindigenous people. Moreover it I also found that prevalence of osteoarthritis is not different inmajor cities, inner regional swell as outer regional and remote areas. There were no significantdifferences as it showed that Australian who reported the disorders ranged from 7.7% in majorcities to that of 9.1% in inner regional areas and 9% in outer regional areas ("Who getsosteoarthritis? (AIHW)", 2017).. Hence, in order to provide a better quality lives for oldercitizens and also to ensure that they get every scope of aging well, it is extremely important tointroduce a health promotion program that will address the disorder in the described cohort.
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3HEALTH PROMOTION FOR ELDERLY PEOPLESection 2:A health promotion program is extensively important in handling the adverse effects thatosteoarthritis is having on the patients. The older citizens have very poor quality life as theysuffer a lot form the symptoms of the disorder. Older people who are affected with the disorder(7.9%) are 2 to 3 times more likely to say that their health is very poor in comparison to thosewho are not affected with the disorder (3.5%). They suffer from limitations which are imposedby the osteoarthritis and this lead to self esteem and self image of the older citizens ("How doesosteoarthritis affect quality of life? (AIHW)", 2017). Often these lead to negative emotionalstress, anxiety, depression and also feelings of different hopelessness Besides, mental turmoil’s,they also face high level of pain that restrict them for daily activities and also the activities theylike to pursue as hobbies. These also prevent them to complete any work on time which destroystheir confidence and they suffer from lowered self esteem and confidence (Stenberg et al., 2016).Hence, health promotion program will help to address the above mentioned issues and provideinterventions in such a way which will help to provide proper guidelines that when followed bythe older citizens will help him to age properly and manage their osteoarthritis symptoms(Louew et al., 2014). This will help them to take part in any activities they want and canovercome any challenges and barriers that come in their life style to osteoarthritis pain andsymptoms.Section 3:Four main important strategies should be included in the health promotion program which will inturn help to address every aspect of the disorder and develop a high quality life giving themscope to age well happily and safely. The first strategy that should be incorporated in the health
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