Article Analysis of How Technology Has Influenced the Field of Corporate Communication

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Running head:ARTICLE ANALYSISARTICLE ANALYSISName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1ARTICLE ANALYSISArticle Analysis OneTitle of Article:How Technology Has Influenced the Field of Corporate CommunicationAuthor(s): Paul A. ArgentiPublication Information: Volume: 20 issue: 3, page(s): 357-370Issue published: July 1, 2006,Journal of Business and Technical Communication is thethesisof this article: The article is focused on the corporate business communicationwith regard to the technological influence on the same.What is theblueprintof this article: The blueprint of the article begins with the introduction ofthe new information in the communication in the corporate organizations, goes through thediscussion of specific technological effectiveness and ends with the identification ofopportunities and challenges in the corporate communication.Whatrecommendations(if any) are provided: The recommendation of the article is based on theproper usage of the technological equipment and advantages in the corporate communication inorder to overcome the challenges (Crowleyand Heyer2015).Whatconclusionsare drawn: The author concludes that the organizations are facing thechallenges in the technological aspect of the corporate communication due to the discriminatingand unnecessary use of the technological usage. The author also mentions in the conclusion thatthe business entities are gaining advantages from the technical communication in terms of theidentifying new business opportunities.
2ARTICLE ANALYSISWhatimplications(if any) are provided: The author states in the article that the technologicalaspect has impacted over the corporate communication as both business function and academicdiscipline.What quote will you use from this article: “A company’s corporate communication function isresponsible for communication with both internal and external constituencies; it involves anumber of subfunctions, such as media relations, investor relations, internal or employeecommunications, government relations or public affairs, community relations, corporatephilanthropy, corporate reputation, and marketing communications.”
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