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Running head: BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODOLOGYBusiness Research MethodologyName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODOLOGYQuestion 1The purpose of this article is demonstrating the qualitative research that is extremelyeffective in facilitating the generation of personal narrative of the senior managers of publicsectors in New Zealand. Exactly in this article it was laid out the exact method of used fordeveloping theme based narratives from semi structured interviews with the responsible seniormanagers for the deliverance of the Communities for Climate Protection and the Carbon NeutralPublic Service programs in NZ. Since it is a theme based analysis, it indicates the underlyingvariable related to the subject matter. I have used qualitative study for interpreting theinformation from the secondary sources. The descriptive design could be used for analyzing thecore concept and perspective values of the research subject. Descriptive design helps inobserving the subject matter in an accurate way and interpreting the information to extract thecore ideas.Bias is not something counterproductive for research studies and biased studies are notnecessarily the constituent of invalid researches. Bias is not something that can be removed fromresearch processes, minus paradigm that the presupposition of removing bias form researchstudies is the basis of historical and philosophical assumptions that if pushed to their logicalconclusion they do not hold any more ground.Question 2In this article Malik is attempting to answer how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)enhances the value of the firms. It is also searching an exact comprehension of what has beenalready analyzed and the findings of those searches in relation to the value-enhancingcapabilities of CSR. In this research, Malik has attempted at making use of secondary research
2BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODOLOGYapproach, with literature and instances, for conducting the research. The main literature stream ofthis research is mostly journal articles, almost all of them peer reviewed.From this article, two key findings can be extracted: CSR has an important role to play inthe enhancement of the firm’s value by the promotion of employee productivity, makings sure ofbetter operating performance, expansion of the product market, improvement of capital marketbenefits, construction of corporate reputation and strengthening of an organization’s associationwith the society, regulators and other organizational stakeholders. It was also asserted in theresearch that organizations align social goals with corporate goals in which CSR is made to useas a strategic tool for maximizing value. The major limitation is that the more intensiveinvestigations are still required, with the help of datasets and empirical models for determining ifat all these inconsistencies are a result of methodological issues.Question 3Researchers seek approval from the authorities for conducting research projects in anethical way. Accordingly they follow some of the guidelines which assists in structuring theresearch functions sequentially and within time. In any case, if the researcher does not receivethe approval from the higher authority it could be negligible since the research would beautomatically under the ethical terms and conditions. The author therefore mentioned about thelow and negligible risk.Biasness, inaccurate information, improper analysis and privacy breach are the harms thatthe authors envisage to be arising via failure of properly considering ethical issues in theapplication of ethics.
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