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Article On Declining Rate Of Prosecution & Conviction Of Sexual Offenses

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Added on  2020-02-19

Article On Declining Rate Of Prosecution & Conviction Of Sexual Offenses

   Added on 2020-02-19

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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY:1Annotated Bibliography Name of the StudentName of the Institution
Article On Declining Rate Of Prosecution & Conviction Of Sexual Offenses_1
ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 2Annotated Bibliography Clark, H.C. (2011). A fair Way to go Criminal Justice for Victim/Survivors of Sexual Assault. A Gateway to Melbourne Research Publications. University of Melbourne.This was a research conducted by Clark in 2011. The research entails numerous qualitysources that have been cited throughout and provided on the reference page. It also provides aconcise organization of ideas into chapters, topics, and sub-topics. There is a clear andintegrated introduction and conclusion of the subject matter. Clark illuminates on how theAustralian justice system applies to both the victims of sexual assaults and the offenders. One ofthe issues that Clark highlights in the article is the declining rate of prosecution and conviction ofthe sexual offenses while the victims/survivors of the offenses continue to suffer the leniency ofthe criminal justice system. She argues that such controversy always leaves the victims/survivorswith distress and trauma. Clark, however, contends that the current climate of the Australiancriminal justice system has undergone reformation and redefinition hence it has increasinglyfocused on the provision of justice to the victims of sexual assault. She, therefore, addresses thecreation of procedures that provide fairness and responsiveness to the need of the victims.Considering the broadness of the criminal justice system, Clark's contribution remainsfundamental and relevant to the topic of how justice is applied in Australia. Forster, C. (2004). Good Law or Bad Lore-The Efficacy of Criminal Injuries Compensation Schemes for Victims of Sexual Abuse: A New Model of Sexual Assault Provisions. UWAustl. L. Rev., 32, 264.Although Forster's journal was written more than a decade ago, it remains relevant in theAustralian criminal justice system context. The journal incorporates a lot of citations thereby
Article On Declining Rate Of Prosecution & Conviction Of Sexual Offenses_2
ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 3confirming its accuracy. Forster is a liberal councilor in Sydney City and a candidate for theLiberal Lord Mayor in Australia. It is, therefore, evident that Forster attracts substantial authorityin writing the journal. The title, organization and the sound content of the journal also show howrelevant it is even in the contemporary Australian criminal justice system. Forster examines themanner in which the justice is served to the victims of sexual abuse. She, therefore, evaluates thejustice injuries compensations schemes as applied in Australia. Forster laments the pervasivenessof sexual assault in Australia as in other jurisdictions. Throughout her article, she cites theimportance of enacting effective compensation schemes to redress the situation. Thecompensation schemes, according to her, will have essential benefits which are not onlysymbolic but also economic and therapeutic. In this sense, therefore, the author seeks to compelequal application of justice to the victims of sexual abuse in Australia. French, R. (2015). Equal Justice and Cultural Diversity-The General Meets the Particular Cultural Diversity and the Law Conference. 1-14. The paper covers the latest of the Australian cultural diversity and law conference. It iscompiled by French. French was a judge in the Federal court of Australia and later became achief justice of the High court of Australia. He is also a renowned professor of law at the ANUCollege of law. It, therefore, means that this paper has an attribution of authority. He hasprovided a good number of the cited sources hence ascertaining the credibility of the article. Themanner of organization and flow of ideas portray, to a greater extent, represent the accuracy ofthe material. French, in his paper, addresses the issues of equality before the law and the justicewithin the Australian context. In his discussion, he discusses how cultural diversity isaccommodated within the substantive law and how the justice system responds to the same.
Article On Declining Rate Of Prosecution & Conviction Of Sexual Offenses_3

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