Article on Benefits of Developing Small Cars over Big Cars

Added on - May 2020

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Mechanics2IntroductionThe research bibliography in this article has a depiction of benefits of developing small cars overbig cars due to the presented safety, cost-effectiveness and environmental consciousness. Thedevelopment of these small cars can also be done in a stylish manner. The bibliography researchalso vails the disadvantages of developing bigger cars both to the economy and safety of gathering and availing information with regards to vehicle size, the review informs bothmechanical engineers of the factors to be considered in designing. Consumers are not left out asthey are provided with critical requirements that are good to consider before purchasing anyvehicle. It is the sole aim of this research to make the clear beneficial manufacture of small carsto the general population. Analysis has been made from various institutions in coming up withthis information, therefore, making this article very credible. Every mentioned bibliography ishaving a good contribution to the mechanical field with the involved authors in these researchesdeeply explaining their perception. The factors discussed in this article should, therefore, be usedin the field of engineering for the purpose of influencing both the motorists and other road users.The influence comes from the cost, safety, fashion sense and ease in the driving of vehicles.AnnotationDeMuro, D., 2013.Are Small Cars Safe?.[Online]Available at: source has a consideration to the safety issue posed by small cars to the generalpopulation. The author mentions the perception of safety provided by bigger cars butreminds everyone that with small cars, driver protection is assured. The passengers tooare safe in small cars due to development of rigid body frames around them. The safety is
Mechanics3brought to light by the used risk analysis data compared in various situations. Acontribution is made to the mechanical field by the assurance of development of rigidbody frames for safety, 2016.Why should everyone drive small cars? It makes.[Online]Available at: the use of four reasons that prove development of smaller cars is better compared tobigger cars, this source enlightens the readers to only purchase a big case if it is the onlyoption. It continues to showcase the safety measures posed by small cars with the use ofauto safety measures. From the source, there is supporting information that proveincreased motorist, pedestrian and children safe with the development and purchase ofsmall cars. It, therefore, contributes to the field of mechanics with the exposure of roadusers to accidents by big cars compared to bigger cars.McCartt, A. & Teoh, E., 2015. Type, size and age of vehicles driven by teenage drivers killed incrashes during 2008–2012.Injury Protection,21(2), pp. 133-136.By way of analysis of the vehicle age, size and type, this source has produced extensiveand credible information from the years 2008 to 2012. It analyses the fatality rates bysize, crushability and vehicle age to come up with the resulting comparison and contrastto developing bigger vehicles. This source has a contribution to the mechanical field byproposal safety design of vehicle.
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