BBS200 Bachelor of Business Research Skills

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1.Work integrated learning for business graduates.Article explains that Integrated learning help students in exploring their skills and gainingpractical knowledge. Qualitative method is used into the research as according to the researcherthis method is suitable for the results of the subject. Participants involved into the research arebusiness graduate students. Research involves activity of collecting samples to receive correctresults. Integrated learning shows positive results of the article as through this students get aplatform to expose their talent. Further, integrated learning will have positive impact on theknowledge of the student. The major strength of the article is that it brings out the best from thestudent. Further, the article also suffers from some of the weaknesses, major amongst which isshort sample size taken for the research. In the conclusion researcher says that integratedlearning leads to the skill development of the student and awareness of the responsibilitiesamongst the students. Article helped researcher to answer that business students are work readyas they are ambitious towards their career and want to explore their knowledge.Abery, Drummond and Bevan. 2015. “Work Integrated learning for Business graduates.” Studentsuccess journal 6(2) : 87-91. doi: skill development in work-integrated learning: Barriers and best practice.The given article aims at exploring barriers and best practices in the area of work integratedlearning. During work placements student experience new things and their skills gets develop.Researcher conducted research by using Quantitative method of research and the instrument usedby the researcher in the article is the observation and paper surveys. Subject matter was related tostudents for that 131 undergraduate students were selected for the research. Random samplingmethod was used by the researcher that involved more than 250 participants and more than 80percent of participants responded positively. Some of the findings are activities like planning andappraisal on performance were supported by all the students. Work integrated learning results insolving problem, inspiring students, increasing communication and potential of student’sincreases while working with experienced ones. Researcher also found that students feeluncomfortable while working with confident and experienced students as well asmiscommunication and disturbance was faced by students while working with different cultureand language students. Article also reflects its strength that interaction between different studentsincreases. Although the research was conducted properly but it is possible that the sample might2

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