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Running Head: NETWORK AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYAnnotated BibliographyName of the StudentName of the University
1NETWORK AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYAnnotated BibliographyArticle 1: Stallings, W., & Tahiliani, M. P. (2014).Cryptography and network security:principles and practice(Vol. 6). London: Pearson.According to this particular article, network security is an important part of moderntechnology that is based on the internet and the virtual world. With the massive advancement ofmodern computing and information technology, the security threats are also increasing day byday. Hence, they have reiterated their concern regarding the situation of network security in thecurrent world. They expressed in their works that network security issues are the fastest growingproblems in the modern technology as the unethical users of the internet are using unethicaltechniques to steal information from other organizations or entities. Sometimes, the informationis used as a medium for ransom.Article 2: Perlman, R., Kaufman, C., & Speciner, M. (2016).Network security: privatecommunication in a public world. Pearson Education India.In this article, the authors have emphasized their works mainly on the nature of thenetwork security issues that are consistently threatening the world technology at the current time.They said that the main security threat comes from the numerous malwares that are spreadthroughout the internet in the forms of popups, website links, patch files and others by someunethical users of the internet. These files have the capability to create malfunctions inside asystem or even destroy it in certain conditions. Although these files can be removed more or lesseasily, there are massive threats as they go undetected most of the times while entering thesystem.
2NETWORK AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYArticle 3: Kahate, A. (2013).Cryptography and network security. Tata McGraw-HillEducation.The authors in their work emphasized on the subject of hacking that have become thebiggest threat to the online virtual world these days. Using strong hacking techniques, hackersare able to access even the most secure information from different organizations and use themfor ransom or even sell them to the rival organizations in exchange of money. With thedevelopment of technology, the technologies of the hackers are also advancing at an alarmingrate and as a result, they now have the power to take over the entire server of an organization,even if it is for a few minutes. Within this small period of time, the hackers are able to extract thesecure pieces of information that are stored inside the server. Virtualization of the storagesystems has further attracted the attackers to steal the data and information. In exchange ofreturn, the hackers either claim large ransom or sell them to a rival organization.Article 4: Manshaei, M. H., Zhu, Q., Alpcan, T., Bacşar, T., & Hubaux, J. P. (2013).Game theory meets network security and privacy.ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR),45(3), 25.In this article, the authors have discussed about possible effects of these security issueson the computing world. They have first raised the concern that the most basic level of effect isthe stealing of personal information of different persons for doing unethical works andtransactions with identity masking. However, they have expressed that the far reachingconsequences are even worse than this problem. Due to the hacking of the servers of differentprivate or government organizations, secure data and information are lost. While the businessand other similar data generates high sale or ransom values, the organization and eventually thecountry faces economic crisis due to virtualization of the monetary unites. On the other hand,

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