Article Review of Denial of Service Attack Assignment

Added on - Apr 2020

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Recent denial of cyber-attacks has been done on Lloyds and Barclays banks as has been reportedby theguardian. Briton Daniel Kaye has been extradited from Germany for purpose ofblackmailing these banks[ CITATION www17 \l 1033 ]. The mastermind in these cyber-attacks hasdisrupted 20 million accounts hence will face charges in the UK. On January 11thto 13th, Llyods,Halifax along with Banks of Scotland were faced with millions of requests that aimed to grindgroup’s system to halt, which is more popularly referred to as denial of service attack (DDoS).Lloyds had to be paying GBP75,000 in bitcoins for calling off the attack, but it did not pay thesame. Barclays was faced with similar charges in same month[ CITATION Law10 \l 1033 ].Charges for such attacks had been investigated by National Crime Agency (NCA) with supportfrom Germany’s BKA which is its federal investigatory police authority. Kaye remained incustody and he will be facing charges at Westminster magistrate. In this attack the perpetratormade banks resources unavailable to its end users by disrupting service to the host connection tothe Internet. Incoming traffic flooded the bank from varied sources generating millions ofrequests[ CITATION Arm12 \l 1033 ]. Blackmailing was the sole reason for this denial of cyber-attack that led to bank’s disruption in service. Last year NovemberLonestar Cell MTN had alsoexperienced a series of repeated attacks of DDoS. This crime was cross border and complex innature, where team of cybercrime officers had to analyze reams of data. These cybercrimestargets various victims often impacting lives of millions. Mirai botnet was a type of malwarewhich used to conscript internet-connected devices forming botnets that could easily becontrolled in a centralized manner. Lloyds Banking Group highlighted that their subsequentDDoS attacks have been defended successfully but resulted in temporary as well as intermittentservice issues for their customers[ CITATION Ray08 \l 1033 ]. Bank’s systems could not be accessedeasilywhich resulted in service issue for customers as certain accounts had been compromised.2|Page
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