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HTL102 The International Hospitality Industry

Added on - 05 Oct 2021

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Running head: Article Review on International Tourism1
Article Review on International Tourism
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Article Review on International Tourism2
Article Review on International Tourism
Axelsen, M. & Swan, T. (2010). Designing Festival Experiences to Influence Visitor
Perceptions: The Case of a Wine and Food Festival. Journal of Travel Research,
49(4), 436‐450.
The author states that international tourism is dynamic. Hence, it does keep changing as
time goes by. Therefore, the demands of the clients are also changing. The article explains that
conducting events or activities will stimulate wine tourism. This is a strategy that is used as a
way of attracting tourists in the organization. Festival managers believe that recreational
activities stimulate the perceptions of the clients(Axelsen & Swan, 2010). The clients are
therefore influenced by the activities that are organized by the festival managers. The author
concluded that using festivals like the moonlight festivals are critical in shaping the perceptions
if the tourists. Moreover, these activities act as the positive stimulants in the tourism sector.
The writer of the article is explaining the need to understand the value of festivals in
stimulating the tourists in visiting a particular country. The festivals can, however, create a
positive or a negative effect on the tourists. This means that the government and relevant
authorities in managing the tourism sector. However, the author states that hospitality is the key
product that shall drive the satisfaction of the tourists.
The article has presented a body or knowledge about the secondary factors that can
improve the tourism industry. Apart from the common knowledge that is known about the
hospitality industry, the author has explained the need to use these festivals a bait of attracting
tourists across the globe. I have chosen this article because it is revealing new knowledge about
the little components that an organization and country can leverage as a way of attracting tourists
Article Review on International Tourism3
in their regions. I would rate this article 8/10 as it is vital for business persons and particular
Chang, W. & Yuan, J. (2011). A Taste of Tourism: Visitors’ Motivations to Attend a Food
Festival. Event Management, 15(1), 13‐23.
Chang and Yuan are stating that the role played food festivals in the tourism sector is
critical. Different communities and countries have a different set of food which is unique and
only found in that particular country. Furthermore, the authors explain that food festivals are
vital in attracting customers. These food festivals are acting as a sensory experience for the
tourists at any given point in time(Chang & Yuan, 2011). The writers expound that the
understanding the customer motivations and are critical to the promoters and the state or the
country. The tourists are traveling for leisure and seek specific experiences which must be met
by the organizers.
The main point that the authors in this article are the importance of understanding the
tourism needs of their targeted customers. The hospitality industry plays a vital role in the
management and control of tourist activities (Butler, 2018). The food festivals are used as
motivators of attracting new consumers from different destinations. Therefore, this is going to
market the specific locations and countries as the best visiting places.
Chang & Yuan express that the motivations behind the customers are critical in
developing customer-oriented services. The tourists are able to share their experiences about the
regions but also share the food experience in the specific regions. I have chosen this article as it
helps in understanding the value behind addressing the needs of the customers. When the
consumers are satisfied, then they have the tendency of making future visits (Zhang, 2016). I
have rated this article 8.5/10 as it present informative knowledge about the customer successes
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