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Article Review.

Added on -2019-09-16

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Article ReviewName of the article: As U.S. Agencies Put More Value on a Life, Businesses FretThe writer of the article asks the question that the nation is remaking its regulatory system but what isthe value of human life in it? The spending of the government to save the single life determines thathow much value is place d on the life of humans by the government. For this, various efforts needs to beput like the sir pollution needs to be controlled, the packets of cigarettes must have a picture of cancervictims, the roofs on the cars are required to be stronger etc. All this requires efforts by the variousbusiness organizations. But, in addition to their support, the regulation is also required to be stringent. From this article, it can be analyzed that the importance of healthy human lives is emphasis by thenation and its agencies. They are heading towards a correct move and they are involving the entirebusiness community in this. This will definitely bring a change in the human lives. Also, the businessesmust understand that they should be a part of this move as it will increase their goodwill in the eyes ofcustomers and they will become sustainable organizations.The two of the economic concepts used here are social welfare and resources. When the change inpolicies affects the well-being of society, it is called social welfare (the change in regulation in the nationis a move towards social welfare) and the inputs used for producing goods is called resources (theresources that the business community will use in making the air clean).

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