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Assignment on Articles of Olympic

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Added on  2019-09-20

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Article Summary Work2AbstractThe work is a summary of three articles “Think Olympics” written by John Hoberman, “ThinkIsrael” written by Gershom Gorenberg, and “Understanding Olympic Tourism” by Paul Dimeo.
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Article Summary Work3Think OlympicsThe article by John Hoberman is an outright bashing of IOC for being political andcompromising with the value and objectives of the Olympic by allotting the 2008 Olympics toBeijing. It does not buy the justification of IOC president Jacques Rogue that politicsautomatically invited itself into Olympics. Beijing is under the scanner of world body for itsundemocratic establishment and violation of human rights especially in Tibet and within China.According to John Hoberman, this is not the first time that IOC has compromised with the valuesand objectives of human rights and world peace. The writer opined that the very start of valuecompromise by IOC in allocating Olympics hosting right started with Berlin Games in 1936which at that time was under Nazi Rule alleging that the campaign to promote for rights to Berlinwas done by Nazi agents. Mexico City Olympics 1968, Moscow Olympics 1980, SeoulOlympics 1988 are also among those allotment that compromised with the human rights andpeace agenda of the Olympics. However, the most significant target is the decision to allowhosting of 2008 games to Beijing as it is predominantly known that Beijing is an undemocraticcountry and scores nothing less than ‘A’ grade when it comes to human rights violation of itsown citizens, its neighbors and political dissidents according to various reports. Jacques Rogueidea that Beijing would soften its stand on bashing Democracy as the 2008 games coveragewould end up creating positive effects by enforcing Chinese administration to reconsider itsvalue for its Tourism sector is denied vehemently in the article. It said that the Chinese autocratshad already restricted live broadcasts from Tiananmen Square so the argument of the presidentactually does not fit with the real scenario.Furthermore John believes that the IOC is actively involved in manipulation of the brandOlympics for its global outreach as a human rights and peaceful movement for minting millions
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