Artificial Intelligence Assignment (AI)

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Artificial Intelligence
INTRODUCTIONArtificial intelligence is the art of making a computer thinkable according to humans. Inthis section what a computer can do is discussed.Practice the art of being respectfulEmotions and senses are the gifts to humans through which he can express hisfeelings to everyone. In this feeling respect is one of them. Human can grant respect to eachother while the computer cannot do that. This is what Artificial Intelligence can do. AI will bethe future of human generations. The progress in computers now a days is performing in a wayof thinking. Humans are trying to make computers sensible which can create a great revolution tothe humanity. But till now, the emotional aspect is not available in robots.Encourage each other to make contributionsSince AI can be a revolutionary change in the humanity. Humans are trying tomake computers sensible which are now called Robots. In today's office culture, encouraging anemployee to make most out of him is necessary since it is possible to encourage the humans. Butif a discussion is made that how a system can encourage itself, can not go through the result. Asit is common that computers are designed to perform a specific task therefore it is not possible tomake them encourage. Computers always do its best.CONCLUSIONIn this report, it can be concluded that AI cannot promote itself as a sensible employeebecause an employee's performance is affected by many external and internal factors. But itcannot be possible with the machines.
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