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Artificial Intelligence use in Business

Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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Running Head: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE USE IN BUSINESS1Artificial Intelligence use in BusinessNameInstitution affiliationDate of submission
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE USE IN BUSINESS2AbstractSignificant trends have been realised in the contemporary business environment. Theresearch tries to explain the considerable pattern that has been achieved in the modern businessenvironment. The original decision that the study covered was the use of the artificialintelligence in the running of business(Spitzeck, 2009). The knowledge of artificial intelligencemeans the use of robots and machines when doing the work that can be as well done by thehumans. The idea behind the artificial intelligence has been an advantage to the businessenvironment as it has led to gains in the business world(Djukicin, Milankovic and Djordjevic,2011). The nature of competition in the business environment has also improved due to theinvention of the artificial intelligence. The research also discusses the disadvantages that havearisen as a result of the use of the artificial intelligence. The significant difficulties addressed arethe cases of unemployment as the machines have replaced the human labour. The research alsogoes ahead to state the advantages that are likely to be realised in the future as a result of thefrequent use of the artificial intelligence in the business environment.Research MethodologyThe research was conducted using both the primary and the secondary data. Thesecondary data was got from the archives of the investigations that have ever been madeconcerning the trends in the contemporary business environment(Fletcher, 2016). The datacollected was beneficial as it enabled us to reach our conclusions about the research. The primarydata was got from the first-hand information from the business organisations themselves.InterviewsI conducted interviews on the well-performing industries in the market to find out themajor trends in the business environment that have enabled them to meet their success. The
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE USE IN BUSINESS3information gotten was from different levels of management(Snelson, 2016). The differentlevels of management in the industry was needed to ensure that the results were not only fromone source(Lloyd and Hopkins, 2015). I took the findings from the interviewees and analysedthem so that I could make a reasonable conclusion.QuestionnairesI also came up with questionnaires about the business environment and how the trends inthe business environment have impacted on the daily business activities and what were the newtrends in business(Wang, 2014). I gave out the questionnaires to various employees of variousorganisations in the market so that I could weigh all their answers. I gave out encouragements tothe people by giving those refreshments as they answered the questions(KOUNTUR, 2016). Idid this to make the people comfortable while answering the questions so that they could notanswer the questions for the sake of just finishing. When the answers are given out for justlistening, they usually tend not to provide the exact analysis needed.AnalysisThe data I collected was so direct that I found them more comfortable to analyse. On myreport, I ranked the findings on percentages.Use of MachinesProductivity- from ( 50 to 90)Supply- from ( 60 to 95)Profitability- from ( 50 to 95)ImprovedmanagementProductivity- from (50 to 80)Supply- from (60 to 75)
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE USE IN BUSINESS4Profits made- from (50 to 78)Change in businesslayoutProductivity- from ( 50 to 70 )Supply- from ( 60 to 79)Profits made – from ( 50 to 90)Observations MadeThe observations led to the outcoming of the idea of using machines in production as thedominant trend in the business environment today. The use of artificial intelligence recorded thehighest percentages regarding productivity, supply and the productivity. This showed that amajority of the people were reaping fruits from the use of artificial intelligence in business(Yamato and Kumazaki, 2018). The fruits also came as a result of the automation brought aboutby the use of the artificial intelligence idea in conducting business activities in the market setting.Description of the Artificial intelligence use in Business EnvironmentFrom the observations made from the research, it was evident that the idea of artificialintelligence has impacted positively on the current business world. Artificial intelligence refersto the use of machines in carrying out the day to day activities in the business environment(Gluschenko, 2015). The devices used in the day to day activities include the use of theautomatic vending machines to deposit and withdraw cash. The devices are convenient as theydo not need the help of a teller to operate. The idea of using these machines have impactedpositively on the business world since automation has been increased. The need for the artificial
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