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Assessed Learning Outcomes.

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Assessed LearningOutcomesLO1. Synthesise and implement stacks, linked lists, sorting andqueues.LO2. Compile and use abstract data types within programs.LO3. Evaluate algorithms in terms of efficiency and justify theselection of the most appropriate data structure or algorithmfor a given problem.
This is question 2 and I already sent you the code for this also, the code works fine onlyneed a GUI menu display data with explanation how the code worksTask 2A bank has a call centre set up for customers and requires a piece of software to count andtrack waiting calls.The telephone system can only keep 20 calls on hold at any time.Once a call is made to the bank the following information is logged on a computer and putinto a queue.Call numberTime calledQueue ID numberThe program will initially have no calls in memory. A basic menu screen will allow the user toperform the following operations: -1.Add data to the queue.2.Put call through to operator.3.Remove call from the queue (customer disconnect).4.Update queue.When a call comes in the data is added to the queue.If a call is at the top of the queue then it will be the next one to get a free operator.Some calls will be disconnected by the customer before they reach the top of thequeue, your program should allow for this.On the menu screen you should also display the calls waiting and the time each call hasbeen waiting.
This information is then to be used to calculate an average number of calls waiting and alsothe average wait time for a call to be sent to an operator. This should also be shown on thescreen.You may add additional functionality to the program if you consider it necessary.Task 2.1Discuss the use and implementation of various methods to store data and also discuss themethod you will use to create a working program which is best suited for this problem.Task 2.2You must produce a specification for the data structure used. Fully explain how you willimplement the data structure.Task 2.3Produce a working program in c++ which creates and uses your chosen algorithm for thisscenario. Each call is to be created as a new memory object using object orientatedtechniquesDocument and test the program and provide screenshots and a full code listing of yourprogram.Include any additional information necessary.Task 2.4Evaluate your program and suggest areas for improvement.
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