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Leadership Theories Assignment Solved

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Added on  2020-10-05

Leadership Theories Assignment Solved

   Added on 2020-10-05

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Leadership Theories Assignment Solved_1
AREA OF THEORY 1: Leadership theoriesPART 2. BACKGROUNDWeek number:Week 2Lecture or seminar?Lecture Which activity (lecturer presentation, discussion, role play, PPT etc and what was the topic / company etc?):Leadership LectureLecturer presentation/ PPT Brief description of the area of theory:The theories provide various ways of performing leadership activity and help the company in easily achieving the efficiency in its overall performance. PART 2. WHAT YOU LEARNED DURING THE ACTIVITY IN CLASS:EXPLAIN HOW THE THEORY WAS APPLIED IN CLASS.WAS THE THEORY APPROPRIATE TO THE CONTEXT?WHAT PARTS OF THE APPLICATION WEREN’T CLEAR?WHAT DID YOU DO TO HELP CLARIFY THOSE PARTS?The behavioural approach can be consider as the best theory of leadership to be adopted as a part of business strategy. Due to adoption of this theory, the leaders manage their team and develop policies and plans for the group as per the arisen of situation. It helps the company in maintaining flexibility in the working of the whole organisation. Adoption of this theory in the business as a business strategy has helped the company in enhancing its profitability and market positioning as well (Kim and, 2017).The theory used for the leadership context is appropriate as the company has become able to enhance its efficiency of performing various activities of the business. Each part of the theory explained in the lecture was clear. AS each part of the theory was clear, no further,efforts were made for clarifying the understanding of theory.PART 3. APPLICATION OF THEORY TO A CONTEXT NOT COVERED IN CLASS:APPLY THE THEORY TO ANOTHER CONTEXT NOT COVERED IN CLASSA company can adopt this theory and has successfully managed its workforce. With the help of this theory, This theory is a part of business strategy, as it helps the business in enhancing the efficiency of the workers and the overall business performance as well. Further, as the company has unable to maintain a healthy relationship with the employees and
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EXPLAIN ANY DIFFICULTIES YOU HAD EITHER WITH THE APPLICATION OF THE THEORY OR FINDING INFORMATION ETC.WHAT SOURCES DID YOU USE? HOW USEFUL WERE THEY?WHAT IS YOUR OVERALL CONCLUSION ABOUT THIS AREA OF THEORY?providing them a job satisfaction by changing the policies of the company as per the situation.(Storey, 2016). This flexibility helps the employees in facing each situation effectively. It helps the company in enhancing its capabilityand profitability as well. The major difficulty was arrived in analysing the successful business using the behavioural theory of leadership. After doing lots of research over various business organisation, I found some business statistics as per which there are some companies that have adopted behavioural theory of leadership and has gainedthe successful performance of employees through adoption of the behavioural theory of leadership as well.The major source of the research was internet. Iread various articles and business statistics. Further, I also referred some journals and booksbased on the leadership theory. The behavioural theory of the leadership can betermed as the business strategy of the firm. Majorly this theory needs the quick decision making and effective analysis power of the leaders so that they can analyse the situations and take the most appropriate decision for their group (Theories of Leadership. 2018). In this order, they can enhance the efficiency of working in each situations of the business. In this order, they can enhance the capacity of business to respond to various critical situations. If the firm adopts, this theory as a part of business strategy, the company can become able to enhance the efficiency of all theemployees and overall business as well. AREA OF THEORY 2: Kurt Lewin (1952); Unfreeze,Move, RefreezePART 3. BACKGROUNDWeek number:Week 3Lecture or seminar?LectureWhich activity (lecturer presentation, discussion, role play, PPT etc and what was the topic / company etc?):Unfreez move Refreeze model of changeLecturer presentation/ PPTBrief description of the area of theory:The model of Kurt Lewin makes the company to bring frequent changes in the company. Withthe help of this business strategy, the business can enhance its strengths and profitability as well. PART 2. WHAT YOU LEARNED DURING THE ACTIVITY IN CLASS:
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