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Stakeholder Analysis Report on Facebook

Added on -2019-09-23

Develop a stakeholder analysis report on Facebook for Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation subject. The report should include an Executive Summary, Table of Content, and cover the introduction to Facebook, stakeholder view, and stakeholder analysis for four selected stakeholder groups. The report should incorporate recent developments with regard to Facebook and minimum five academically oriented articles and books apart from industry reports, credible online news sources, business magazines, websites, etc. (no more than 3 years).
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Page1Assessment 1 InformationSubject Name:Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive InnovationAssessment Title:Stakeholder Analysis ReportAssessment Type:ReportWords1500(+/-10%)Due Date:12 August 2019 (before 12 pm , Melbourne time zone)Reference StyleHarvard styleYour TaskDevelop a stakeholder analysis report.Assessment DescriptionYou are required to research Facebook and develop a Stakeholder Analysis Report. As astarting point, listen to the CNN interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg; report should include an Executive Summary, Table of Content, and cover the followingkey focus areas.A.Introduction toFacebookThis section should include an introduction to Facebook. Need to capture the vision andmission of the company with recent developments, challenges, and industry trends.Essential to provide a concise summary and an analysis of facts.B.StakeholderViewPrepare a diagram with Facebook as the central organisation surrounded by thecompany’s stakeholder groups using the stakeholder view model.For each stakeholder group identified in the stakeholder view model, research aboutFacebook further and prepare a list identifying and describing the specific stakeholders within each stakeholder group.C. Stakeholder Analysis for four selected stakeholdergroupsPick four stakeholders of Facebook and analyse their behavior, stakeholder’s stakeholders, motives, and possible coalitions. Important to engage the stakeholder framework discussed in week THREE workshop.You will be exploring the same four stakeholders in assignment 2. Therefore, please ensure that the four stakeholders you select in assignment 1 will fall within Swing, Offensive, Defensive, and Hold category
Page2Assessment InstructionsoNeed to capture recent developments with regard toFacebook.oIncorporate academically oriented articles and books into theanalysis.oMinimum five academically oriented articles and books apart from industry reports, credible online news sources, business magazines, websites,etc. (no more than 3 years)oConcepts relevant for this assignment are in workshops1-3oNeed to follow a reportformatThe Executive summary and table of content will not be included in the wordcountoStudy the attached assessment rubriccarefullyAssessment StructuresExecutive Summary (half page) (exclusive in the report)Stakeholder Analysis (1500 words)A.Introduction to Facebook (200 words) (Workshop 2) (8 marks)1.Brief introduction to the company2.Direction of the company-Analyse the direction of the company (current mission, vision and value)-Recent developments (current Trends)-Challenges (current update) B.Identify stakeholders of Facebook (300 words) (12 marks for B &C)-7-10 Relevant stakeholders (provide the Facebook stakeholder map)-Need to describe the stakeholders very brieflyWhy they are considered an important stakeholderExtended research on Facebook and Stakeholder model (workshop 3)C.Stakeholder categorization & Stakeholder analysis (1000 words) (Workshop 3) Apply theories and giving examples to select stakeholders1.Select four stakeholders-Select four stakeholders that will fall under Offensive, Defensive, Hold and Swing category. Apply the theories here.2.Behaviour analysis-Corporative potential, competitive threat, and actual behaviour. 3.Motives-Objectives-Stakeholder’s stakeholders-Beliefs4.CoalitionsReferences

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