Change Management Assignment - Marks and Spencer

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Assessment 1
INTRODUCTIONChange management refers to the collective term which includes various approaches in order todevelop, support and help person, group, and company for adopting as well as maintainingchanges (Hayes, 2018). By adopting an organization able to acquire new and innovativetechnology which help them in conductingactivitiesin effectivemannerfor achieving targetandgoal. For adopting change a company manager need to adopt various things which help them inaccomplishing task. Organizationselectedforrespectiveassignment is Marks and Spencerthatisconductingits business in operating its business in retail industry. This is founded by MichaelMarks and Thomas Spencer in year 1884. Its headquarter is situated at London, UnitedKingdom. The respective company offer their products through their various brands such as PerUna, Autograph, Limited Edition, Blue Harbour, M & S collection, Classics, M & S Energy andmany more. This report is going to explain details about the respective company, internalas wellasexternal analysis of companyforidentify area of changeas well as literature review related tochange management. Along with this it also include strategies which can be adopted in order toadopt change and recommendation related to adopting change.MAIN BODYAbout organisationMark and Spencer are established byMichael Marks and Thomas Spencer in year 1884.They are operating its business in retail industry at worldwide level. Its headquarter isestablished in London, United Kingdom. They are offering its products as well as services at1463 stores at worldwide level. The respective company offer their product through variousbrand names such as Per Una, Autograph, Limited Edition, Blue Harbour, M & S collection,Classics, M & S Energy and many others (Doppelt, 2017). There are approx 81, 000 employeesworking or connected through respective company. The respective company offer variety ofproducts range for men, women, kids, home, furniture, food, wine, hamper and gift and manymore which help them in attracting more and more customers. They conduct market analysis aswell as market evaluation which help them in identifying essential strategies and opportunities inorder to enhance their profitability ratio and market shares. They operate their stores at 57countries which help them in becoming one of the leading companies at world wide level.Mission statement of Marks and Spenceristo develop inspirational quality products and services
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