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Assessment 2, Introduction to Humanities, Semester 1, 2019Humanities Assessment Two: Case StudiesThe following case study describes a real-life case where discrimination has occurred. Read the case study, then write a 700 wordexpository essay in answer to the question on the assessment 2 Template.The Case StudyRace discrimination at interviewAn Aboriginal woman with considerable hotel/hospitality experience was interviewed for a full-time receptionist position with alocal Hotel. She had been previously employed as a receptionist in a five-star hotel at a Resort and had applied for a position at alesser rated motel because she wanted to move back to the city.The complainant became suspicious about the interview, as she believed she had all the experience and skills necessary to do thejob, and further was told by her previous employer that he had provided a glowing referee report to the interviewer of her workperformance to date. The woman became concerned when, after being informed that she was unsuccessful for the position, shesaw the very same position advertised again a week later.She contacted the Hotel for an explanation but could not get one. The woman then decided to lodge a complaint of discriminationon the ground of race, as she alleged the interviewer displayed surprise that she was Aboriginal when she turned up for theinterview for the position.In conciliation the respondent paid her compensation of $1,000 for hurt and humiliation, provided a written apology and agreed toinclude a reference to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) in advertising and to incorporate EEO in future vacancy selections andinterviewing.Referencing information for Case StudyAUTHOR:Anti Discrimination Commission QueenslandTITLE:Race Discrimination at InterviewWEBSITE: OF PUBLICATION:2017The question for the expository essayNote: this question also appears on the Template for Assessment 2.Using your understanding of ideas from this semester’s Humanities topics as well as the given Case Study, write an expository essaythe negative effect “othering” can have on individuals and on the wider community. You must demonstrate knowledge andunderstanding of the topic documents, and you must also incorporate ideas from the case study to illustrate the points you aremaking. Use the5-paragraph expository essay structure, as explained below.************************************************************************************************************General Instructions1.You will write an expository essay on the given topic.2.Read the case study before writing your essay, and then answer the essay question on the Template. Use the 5-paragraphexpository essay structure outlined below, and follow the instructions for each paragraph.3.Note: you cannot use the topic documents as a referencing source; you need to go to the original source of theinformation. Use reliable sourcesonly.4.The word count is 700 words +/-10%. (You are not permitted to exceed the given word count by more than 10%).5.Provide in-text references for all borrowed ideas, and a reference list at the end of your essay. Remember – the referencelistonlyincludes the sources you cited within your essay, and shouldonlycontain sources that you have read yourself.Donot include any sources that you have not looked at during your research.6.Use formal writing style. This means that you need to:a.write in third person viewpoint –do notuse “I”, “We”, “You” and so forthb.use formal language (but avoid trying to be overly “academic”)c.avoid colloquial and informal languaged.use in-text references, and give a reference list at the end.7.Use theTemplate(on Blackboard) to write your essay.8.Submit theTemplatein a Word document file type. No other file types will be accepted.
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