Assignment on Use Equipment to Prepare Food

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ASSESSMENT B – SHORT ANSWERINSTRUCTIONSYou are to answer all questions.Read each question carefully. Ensure you have provided all required information.On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor.SECTION 1: SELECT FOOD PREPARATION EQUIPMENTQ1:What information should you confirm prior to starting food preparation? Give threeexamples.Answer: information which needs to confirm prior to starting food is name of dish, number andsize of portions of recipe which needs to produce, quantity and name of each ingredients,methods which needs to prepare and combine ingredients.Q2:What knife would you select to chop julienne carrots?Answer: rolling chop used to chop julienne carrots.Q3:What knife would you select to remove meat from around the bones of a raw leg of meat?Answer: Boning knife used to remove meat from bones of raw leg of meat.Q4:What items of equipment could you select to whip egg whites?Answer: hand whisks and blender will be selected to whip egg white.Q5:You are preparing a basic vinaigrette dressing. The recipe requires 250 ml of vinegar and500 ml of oil. What items of equipment could you use to measure these ingredients?Answer: measuring spoons and cups used to measure vinegar and oil.Q6:What are three things you should look for when checking the cleanliness of equipmentprior to use?Answer: before preparation of food three elements which needs to check are dirt whichcontaminate food, which make unsafe to eat. Food on equipments which is not been cleanedduring performing tasks and chemicals which change flavours and textures.
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