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Implementation of Business Strategies

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Assessment Briefing for StudentsAssessment brief number 7BE002 Strategic Management:(20 credit)Module leader:Academic Year: 2016 /17Module assessment detail(approved at validation as amended by module modification)Module code &title7BE002Strategic ManagementModule Learning outcomes:LO1Critically evaluate the underlying concepts and theories of strategicmanagement and the relationship between strategy, stakeholderaspirations and governanceLO2Demonstrate understanding and awareness of current andemerging Economic, Political, Legal and Cultural factors andcritically evaluate those which will have an impact on strategicmanagement in an international contextL03Formulate business strategies in a systematic way , and developcriteria in order to evaluate and select those most likely to provesuccessful for a particular organisationLO4Develop plans for the implementation of business strategies,presenting strategic proposals to stakeholders in a persuasive andauthoritative manner.Assessment types1 – Strategic Management Project2 – Strategic Professional Development PlanWeightings70%30%Submitted as a Portfolio100%Important requirementsMode of Working:IndividualPresentation Format:PortfolioAssessment limits (in accordancewith UWBS assessment tariff)6000 words, excluding appendicesDoclearly state your name, student number and supervisor when submitting work.
Alwayskeep a copy of your work.Alwayskeep a file of working papers (containing, for instance, working notes, copiedjournal article and early drafts of your work, etc.) that show the development of yourwork and the sources you have used. You may need to show this to the tutor atsome point so notes should be clear and written in English.This is an importantrequirement. There may be circumstances where it is difficult to arrive at a mark foryour work. If this is so you may be asked to submit your file within 3 working daysand possibly meet with your tutor to answer questions on your submission.Explanation of submission requirements and further guidanceAssessments are subject to a word limit to ensure consistency of approach across allmodules. Your work should not exceed the limit indicated (excluding appendices). Donot feel that you have to “achieve” this word count in your work. What is importantis that the work satisfies the stated learning outcomes which are articulated throughthe assessment criteria (see following page).Care is taken to ensure that work has been marked correctly. Dissertations aredouble marked and an independent expert from outside the University on batches ofwork.Your work will not be returned to you but you will receive detailed feedbackexplaining how your mark has been arrived at and how your work could have beenimproved upon.Alwaysuse the Harvard style referencing system.The University’s LearningInformation Services have produced a series of guides covering a range of topics tosupport your studies and develop your academic skills including a guide to Harvard.Expensive or elaborate bindings and covers for submissions are not required pleaserefer to guidelines in the dissertation resources topic on presentation.The Business School has a policy of anonymous marking of individual assessmentswhich applies to most modules.Avoid academic misconductWarning:Collusion, plagiarism and cheating are very serious offences that can result in astudent being expelled from the University. The Business School has a policy of activelyidentifying students who engage in academic misconduct of this nature and routinelyapplying detection techniques including the use of sophisticated software packages.Please note: Turnitin folders have been set up for draft and final submissions for you tocheck your work 2 week prior to submission. You then have time to revise any suspect areasof the work prior to formal submission. All students must submit work to these folders andyour tutor will check that you have done so.
Assessment Brief/ TaskThe detailed requirements for this task are as follows:The portfolio is comprised of the following sectionsA Strategic Management Project- 4000 words excluding appendices and referencesA Strategic Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) – 2000 words excluding appendices andreferencesAt the due date you will submit both parts of the portfolio together, as a single document. Appropriate coversheet should be used. Presentation should be of professional quality. Referencing and citations must adhereto version of Harvard Referencing style. File Size is maximum 10MBAssessed task No 1, Strategic Management ProjectThe purpose of the strategic management project is to apply the concepts and techniques learnt in themodule to the analysis of real-world situations or problems, and to critically evaluate different approachesto addressing managerial problems.ContextYour boss has asked you to craft a restructuring strategy [around some identified business problem(s)]forthe company you work for. (If your company is a large one, then focus on a strategic business unit ordepartment. The structure will be aimed atyour designation levelie supervisor, team leaders, unit head,head of strategic business unit, CEO etc. Frame the issue at your level so that you are familiar with issues.For example if you are a supervisor it would be inappropriate for you to look at International diversificationbut this might be something for the CEO.If you are not employed in a company, exceptionally select a well-known local company and use the samecriteria. Delve down to the lowest level commensurate with your designation. The organisation must beapproved by your tutor.Not for profit organisations are fine too. Your tutor will need to approve the company chosen. Your remit, inthe form of a strategic management project will be to propose a new design, approach (solution) torestructuring that would make the company more efficient and competitive.The project is to be undertaken in a number of formative phases, culminating in a final written report.In phase 1 you will write proposal for your boss (tutor) to set the parameters and scope of the restructuring.You will discuss this with your classmates in seminars and get feedback.Phase 2 will be a critical literature review. Your task will be to review research from a range of scholarlyarticles that relate to organisational structure design issues you are addressing. This is an opportunity tostrengthen the project rigour with further theoretical insights. The core text book and supplied articles willform the backbone of the literature review but other strategy literature can supplement this too.You will have learnt from the research methods classes in 7MG001, a literature review is a discussion of thepublished information on your topic area. It is also a critical, evaluative synthesis, showing the relationshipsbetween various writings and how they relate to your own work. A literature review isnota simplesummary of a series of articles. A good literature review will look at the research that has been done andsynthesise or pull together those elements that are similar or most pertinent to the themes you havechosen.
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