BUS201 Foundations of Business Success Assignment

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KBS ASSESSMENT OUTLINE1Assessment InformationSubject Code:Bus_201Subject Name:Foundations of Business SuccessAssessment Title:Learning Contract (Individual assessment task)Weighting:30%Submission:Via TurnitinDue DateWeek 10This assessment Task will address the following Learning Outcomes:LO4: Utilize diverse business communication methods and apply the principles of effective self-management in a business context.LO6: Demonstrate ability to manage self and own learning in relation to workplace requirementsAssessment DescriptionThis is an individual assessment task. A learning contract is a self-directed assessment tool that helps thestudent to improve their learning in an area that needs improvement. It is a self-managed assessmenttask.In Week 1 you need to negotiate with your lecturer the skill or quality you wish to improve. Exampleswould include developing the following:TimemanagementWrittencommunicationOralcommunicationAssertivenessOrganisingskillsNegotiationskillsImprove conflict resolutionskillsPublic speakingskillsThis is not an exhaustive list. You may choose your own skill that you sih to learn.In this assessment task you will need to use a Learning Contract Template that is provided.
Given below is the detailed explanation the Learning Contract Template:NameStudent IDLearning objectiveWhat are you goingHow are you goingTarget date forHow are you goingHow are you goingto learn (objectives)to learn it? (specificcompletionto knowthat youto prove that youresources andhave learned ithave learned it?strategies that you(evidence)need to learn1.Time managementTime is crucial,especially whilemanaging anorganization orbusiness (Grissom,Loeb and Mitani2015). It is importantfor us to manage ourtime to reach ourgoals and easilyattains success inthe ever increasingcompetitiveenvironment.Managing my task isabout simplifying theways I work Thestrategies throughwhich I am going tolearn to manage mytime are thefollowing ways:Knowing my goals: Iwould at first engagein such activities thatwould support mybusiness goals. Mydaily plan shouldinvolve working onall such task thatcompletely relate togrowing mybusiness andgenerating income.To achieve the targetand learning tomanage my timeeffectively I wouldrequire 15 days or 2weeks’ timeapproximately.I would know that Iam achieving thetarget by thefollowing ways:I wouldstartedarriving earlyin myworkplace attime andcompleted myassigned taskmoreeffectively.I would sayno to all thosenon-essentialtasks andtalks andprioritize myassignedtasksaccordingly.I would keeptrack recordor planner forknowing mydaily outcomeor productivityin thebusiness.This can be provedas I would becomemore successful inmy career as propertime managementis the major key tosuccess. Peoplewould notice me asI would accomplishthe goals moreeasily by makingsound decisions formy organization.Leaders in thebusiness wouldcome to me forgetting the tasksdone. Furthermore,this increasedexposure wouldprovide advancedopportunities to me.
Prioritizing my goalswisely: by reviewingthe task that shouldbe done and isurgent. Non urgenttrack should bedone later andimportant tasksshould be completedfirst (Ajilchi andKargar 2015).Planning ahead: Iwould start planningmy task for the nextday the night beforeso that the activitiesneed to be doneeasily sorted.Arriving few minutesearlier in the workplace would help mein prioritizing mywork to-do-list.Eliminatedistractions: I wouldtry to eliminatedistraction as muchas possible tomaximize myproductivity. I wouldplan a time forchecking on myemails and phonecalls while doing mybusiness activities toincrease myefficiency level.Working smarter:Iwould like to workusing smartertechniques ratherthan hardertechniques. Insteadof just being roboticof completing myassigned task oractivity, I wouldMy stresslevel wouldreduce as myentire taskwould becompleted intime as myproductivityrate wouldincrease.
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