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CPPDSM4013A Market Property on Lease Assignment

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Market Property for Lease (CPPDSM4013A)


Added on  2020-03-16

CPPDSM4013A Market Property on Lease Assignment


Market Property for Lease (CPPDSM4013A)

   Added on 2020-03-16

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ASSESSMENTMarket property for lease (CPPDSM4013A)Student identification (student to complete)Please complete the fields shaded grey.Student number[8-digit number]State or Territory[State or Territory]Course[Registration/Representative or License program]Number of pages including this one[number]Assessment result (assessor to complete)Result — first submission (Details for each activity are shown in the table below)Competent / Not yet competentResult — resubmission (if applicable)Competent / Not yet competentCPPDSM4013A_AS_v1.1© April 2016 Kaplan Education Pty Limited
CPPDSM4013A Market Property on Lease Assignment_1
Feedback (assessor to complete)[insert assessor feedback]CPPDSM4013A_AS_v1.1Page 2 of 10
CPPDSM4013A Market Property on Lease Assignment_2
Before you beginRead everything in this document before you start your assessment for this subject.Instructions for completing and submitting this assessmentThe information and resources that can assist you in answering the questions in this assessment can be primarily sourced from the learner guide and supporting resources for ‘Market property for lease (CPPDSM4013A)’, located on your eLearning platform. You may also be required to conduct some independentresearch. When completing your assessment:ensure you read each question carefully and answer all parts of the questiontype your answer in the space providedensure you respond to the question in full and where necessary the box will expand to accommodate foryour response. The answer box is not indicative of the length of your responsewhere relevant, make reference to your state’s specific legislation or requirementsif submitting additional pages for this assessment, ensure it is clearly labelled with your name, subjectname and question number.Saving your workIt is your responsibility to save a copy of your work. To do this:download this document to your desktoptype your answers in the spaces providedsave your work regularly.Submitting the assessmentWhen submitting your assessment, the following applies: You must submit your completed assessment in a compatible Microsoft Word document. Do not remove any sections of the document.Do not save your completed assessment as a PDF.The assessment must be completed in full before submitting it to Kaplan Professional Education. Incompleteassessments will be returned to you unmarked. The maximum file size is 5MB.Once you submit your assessment for marking you will be unable tomake any further changes to it. The assessment marking processOnce you have submitted your work:your assessment will be markedyour results, including feedback will be provided in this document under ‘Assessment Result’ your assessment will be returned to you on the eLearning platform for this subject.CPPDSM4013A_AS_v1.1Page 3 of 10
CPPDSM4013A Market Property on Lease Assignment_3

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